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Originally Posted by Pearl View Post
is it ok to have a lvl 100?
your pokemon can be of any level. Please show me your team, as well.

Originally Posted by Akiira View Post
I'd like to do rock type gym leader, also I think it's a bit lame that you can steal gym leader status... otherwise:

a: a guy with all plant pokemon beats the water gym leader, and then we have a water gym leader with no water pokemon...

b: all the strongest people are gym leaders and it's not fun at all for people with lower pokemon, eg: no one will ever get to the elite four very often lol...
In order to be that types gym leader, you must use that gym's type. You can't be a gym leader in more than 1 gym.

Originally Posted by charmeleonblaze View Post
I'd like to be the fire gym leader plz. The last gym I signed up for ended up in a failure.
What's your team?
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