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Default Re: WiFi and GTS -{ Q and A }-

I put the Nintendo WiFi Customer Support link in the first post.
Originally Posted by Lord Voldemort View Post
This one. I found out my original problem, but what do I need to be able to use a Nintendo WiFi USB Connecter?
Oh, well, it says that router isn't compatible, you'll need to buy another one. I'm not familiar with the Nintendo Wifi Connector, so I can't help with that question.
Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
Is it true that when you battle somebody on WiFi that you can talk on the microphone to them? Everybody sounds different, and the voices, they kind of sound far. I also don't know what to say in this unique chat function.
Originally Posted by PiplupLuver View Post
Wifi question...:
on my DS, I can get a full 3 bar connection to my wireless router,but it NEVER EVER can obtain the IP address.I got on the GTS about twice using my neighbors connection because my DS picked up the signal.

My psp can connect to my wireless router with ease....why not my DS?

THnks in advance!
It sounds like your setttings aren't set up correctly on your DS. I'd go back and make sure everything is set up correctly. If that doesn't work, it may by your router not letting you access, so you'd have to check those settings too.
Originally Posted by Gastlygoo View Post
whenever I test my conectoin right beside my router(wireless) it always turns up as
"Error code 25100

unable to connect to nintendo wi fi connection.confirm connection settings and access point settings"

What should I do?
As I just said above, you should check to make sure both DS and Router settings are correctly set up and compatible.
Originally Posted by Nikki the Mew View Post
I've got a problem, and I don't know how to fix it, at all.

I connect to the WFC, no problems. The people I want to trade with do, too. But when they invite me, and I apply, after a couple of minutes, I'm DC'd. The same happens to them, though, when I'm the one who invites.

What am I doing wrong? o.O I figured not having the 1st badge was the problem, but it still acts up now. Help me! (Urgent, please answer ASAP.)
It might be the difference with connections speeds between you and the other people. Are they able to trade/battle with other people? If it's just you they can't trade with, then there's something wrong with your router that's interfering with WiFi transactions. It may have something to do with your Computer's Firewall. Check those settings, change if necessary.

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