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Default Re: Crime and Punishment (PG-13ish)

(I know, chapter 3 is kinda short, but that line just seemed like a good place to end! ^^; Working on chappie 4!)

~*Chapter Three: Enter the Luxray*~

Colin could hardly believe his ears. There was a more important matter to the luxrays than his misbehavior? Could it possibly have anything to do with what happened with his father? “Why did-“

“SILENCE!” bellowed the luxray on the right. “Have you no sense of respect?!”

Lukko twitched her tail toward the strong-seeming luxray. “That is not necessary, Zuberi,” the golden-haired pokémon said. “Can you not see the poor cub’s confusion?”

Zuberi winced in shame. “My apologies, ma’am.”

Lukko turned back to Colin. “What is your name, cub?”

Colin held his ground, hoping his stance would convey a meaning along the lines of, “Don’t mess with me or I’ll beat you up!”

“Cub! What is your name?”

“Lukko,” said the other luxray, its slim (and yet wise somehow) form emerging from the darkness. “Might I have a word?”

Lukko’s expression was hard to read. “Yes, Chipo.”

Chipo looked contemplative for a moment, then she turned her gaze to Lukko. “Humans call their young ‘children’, the single form of the word being ‘child’. Further, it is normally considered an insult to be called such a thing at almost any age, and for this…well, when he was a human he would more readily accept the term ‘young man’.” Chipo then stepped back.

“Very well,” Lukko said softly, “Thank you, Chipo.” She turned back to Colin. “Young man… What is your name?”

“Why should I tell you?” Colin growled. He almost jumped in surprise – he didn’t know how to growl before then, and he just did it. Maybe it was a shinx thing.

Chipo and Zuberi scampered back in shock, a look of absolute terror spread on their faces. Lukko remained still, and replied tightly. “You should mind your tongue around me, child. I do not intend to harm you, but if you insist on keeping this up I will have to take measures that I would rather not go near. I only ask your name.”


Lukko nodded gently. “Colin, then. Quite a fitting name if you ask me.” Lukko strode forward, stopping when she was only a few feet from Colin. “Colin… It seems we were fated to meet.”

Colin held his ground, but looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“You may sit at ease. No luxray would ever harm his own kin; not here in the wild.”

Somehow, Colin knew Lukko was telling the truth. Reluctantly, he sat down.

Lukko continued. “First, I need to make some things clear before I do any more explaining. Should you harm any shinx, luxio or luxray that has done you no harm, you will be considered an outcast and we will refuse to protect you. You will not challenge authority unless you expect to become authority, and if you want to become authority you will literally have to fight for it. Treat the current authority with respect, obedience and care if you wish to get along in our pack. Do I make myself clear?”

Colin nodded. There was definitely a leadership air around Lukko. She was strict, yes, but she did not seem cruel in the least manner. Colin listened carefully to Lukko’s words, making a mental note to save questions for later. Just the thought of interrupting Lukko seemed like a bad idea.

“After you fled me last night, I sent a few friends of mine to keep an eye on you until you were fully transformed. Very early the next morning, a little while after your…stepmother set out for ‘Sandgem’, a most powerful pokémon broke into your home. One of the scouts I sent apparently stayed with you to assure your safety; the other two battled the intruder. In the end, their efforts were in vain, and your father was kidnapped. Luckily, no one was seriously harmed. After reporting the battle to the scout, the warriors reported to me the events that had occurred, and I sent for you immediately. Now that you are here, I can rest easily knowing that you are safe.”

“That’s not all, is there?”

Lukko hesitated. If she was surprised at all, she was doing a superb job hiding it. “What do you mean, cub?”

Colin scratched his ear for a moment – surprising himself once again in the meantime. “You’re not telling me everything, are you? It’s not exactly logical in a situation like this to just get me over here and sigh in relief knowing I’m not dead.”

“INSOLENCE!” Zuberi bellowed.

“DISRESPECT!” Chipo cried.

Lukko stood, turned to the luxrays standing behind her, and let out a ferocious roar that shook the caverns. Her opposers shrank back in cowardice, and Lukko turned casually back to Colin. “If you were any other cub you would have severe punishment for that,” she said admiringly, “but not only is that the most intelligent response I could have ever received, but you are also concerned about your future. That is natural; you need not feel shame for that.”

Colin tilted his head again. “I just want to know what is going to happen to me now.”

“We need your assistance.”

Colin thought someone had hit him on the head – a likely scenario, seeing as it wasn’t every day you ended up in the body of a shinx. “Wha…?”

“The pokémon that kidnapped your father… We want to track him down.”

Colin felt himself stiffen. “For some reason, that doesn’t sound easy.”

Lukko shook her head. “You underestimate this case. It will be far from easy. The pokémon in question used to be a human.”
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