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Default Re: WiFi and GTS -{ Q and A }-

I have looked at the physical router itself (which is an approved Comcast Linksys model WCG200-CC and is wireless broadband), and the number on the bottom of that is not the WEP key. When i try to connect the airport, it asks for the WEP key as well (i heard that turning on airport might make the DS online accessable). On a Mac, there isn't a category of router security, there is only a network option, where I do not think I have found the code at. The Mac's Harddrive also does not have this information.
Would it possible to get Comcast to tell me the WEP key if they are likely to know? I was not present at the installation (where it was probably established), and my mom doesn't remember it (computer spaz). Does any of this info help? thanks!

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