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Default Re: Crime and Punishment (PG-13ish)

~*Chapter Four: Forgotten Legends*~

Long ago, there were the ancients – a race of humans gifted with powers that surpassed even the most powerful of pokémon. These ancients were a peaceful sort and sought only the Ultima Chain…A weapon capable of destroying the entire planet.

One of the ancients, a young boy, never understood his people’s intention. They claimed that they wanted nothing more than peace, so why did they insist on having this weapon? The boy set off on a journey to find the reason, but was never seen again.

Not long after the boy’s disappearance, something – or someone, no one knows – triggered the Ultima Chain. The result was a huge explosion that destroyed the ancients’ entire home continent. It is said that a few of the ancients escaped to the mainlands, disguising themselves as humans. As for the Ultima Chain, it has long been either lost or destroyed. The boy whom set off to find reason behind his tribe’s actions would never be able to return home.

Colin tilted his head. “What does all this mean?”

Lukko turned her narrow gaze to him. “You may guess if you’d like.”

Colin furrowed his eyebrows in thought. “Well, the Ultima Chain had to have been on their continent… Maybe that boy was after the Ultima Chain to see what it was like for himself. Maybe the boy set it off, and was transformed into a pokémon at the same time?”

The golden luxray next to him nodded. “Yes. He had to have fled here to the mainlands. He is most likely the one that kidnapped your father. Was your father a person of any importance, if you do not mind my asking?”

Colin was slightly taken aback, but he nodded. “He’s one of Professor Rowan’s aides.”

Lukko lifted an eyebrow. “Rowan?”

Colin nodded.

Lukko looked off to the side as if in a daze. “Then we should pay him a visit.”

If Colin’s jaw dropped any further, it’d be on the ground. “Are you insane?!”

“I thought I told you that I’m Lukko.”

“No, no, no, I mean…uh, er…”

Lukko made a motion that Colin guessed was supposed to be a shrug. “It’s not that dangerous. Sandgem isn’t far from here; stay close to me and you’ll be fine.”

“But my stepmo-“

“I’ll see to it that she leaves you alone.”

Colin somehow managed to keep his composure. “Um…if it helps any, she’s terrified of starlies for some weird reason…”

Lukko gave Colin a most curious look. “That will do perfectly.”


“I still don’t see how a human is going to help us,” Colin hissed as quietly as he could while he, Lukko and a quite spirited starly named Ayo snuck through the tall grass on their way to Sandgem town.

“Leave this to me,” Lukko replied. “I have ways of communicating with Rowan. Besides, if your stepmother comes near, we have Ayo to take care of that.”

Ayo chirped in agreement.

“Here we are…Sandgem.”

“Yeah, I can see the lab. What now?”

Lukko turned to Ayo, whom sat on Colin’s back. “The signal, if you will, Ayo.”

The starly grinned. “With pleasure!” Ayo flew briskly into the town just as a familiar-looking woman exited the pokémart.

“That’s her!” Colin said. “She might see us!”

“Don’t count on it,” Lukko replied casually.


Colin watched in amusement as his stepmother dropped her bags and began screeching like the rusted front door of the world’s scariest haunted house.

“That’s our signal,” Lukko explained. “Follow me.”

The two darted for the lab, racing through the partially-open front door. Once they had entered, they screeched to a halt as the door closed and locked behind them.

In front of them was a table. Standing over it was a tall man with white hair, wearing a laboratory coat. The air around him seemed superior to the other humans that wandered about the lab. Something about him even frightened Colin in a way.

“Wow,” Colin said quietly. “He sure looks intimidating.”

The professor turned to look at the boy-turned-shinx. “David’s boy, aren’t you?”

Colin blinked in surprise. “You understand what I’m saying?”

“Mind your tongue, cub,” Lukko said firmly.

Rowan waved it off. “It’s fine, Lukko. I’ve known Colin to be ill-mannered ever since his mother died five years ago.”

Lukko swiftly returned her gaze to Colin. This time, her face was not expressionless – it was full of concern and worry. Colin defiantly looked away, loudly muttering, “Nunya business.”

Rowan strode over to the two and knelt down to Lukko’s eye level. “Is the pack doing well?”

“Nevermind that,” Lukko said sternly. “There is an important matter that I must discuss with you.”

“It involves the Ultima Chain, doesn’t it?”

Lukko seemed slightly dumbfounded. “How did you know, professor?”

“Someone came here just an hour ago asking about it.”


“Not who. What.”

Lukko hesitated, so Colin spoke instead. “You mean…”

“Yes. The individual in question was a pokémon.”
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