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Wink Club 萌, the Essence of Cuteness

We still exist here!

Special thanks to Kenny, RocketMeowth, Emma, and Light Manaphy for the banners XD

Mo (Mo-eh, 萌) is a slang term in Japan, but has a large impact on the lives of anime fans and otakus everywhere. It is generally spelt WITHOUT the "", and is commonly seen in the form of "moe" instead.

A quick definition to mo is "cute". Anything that is cute generally is mo. However, this only applies to human characters. Sorry Neo, but no pikachu for you. Misty, on the other hand, is moe. :3

According to Wikipedia, the word moe is defined as "youthfulness as a physical trait (younger age or twintails) or as an emotional trait (naive or innocent outlook) and some obvious sympathetic weakness the character works hard to correct (extreme clumsiness or a life-threatening disease)" and "a reference to a character so much as any personality that elicits a protective or loving response from the audience". An example of moe is Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star. This is also not limited to age or gender. Older characters such as Yomiko Readman from ROD is also considered moe, even though she is in her 20's.

2 of the most common types of moe are "loli/shota" and "tsundere".

Loli is basically "girl" (for shota, it just means "boy" in Japanese), which generally is the portraying of young characters. Examples of loli are any character from Touhou, and an example of shota is Hanizawa from Ouran High School Host Club.

Tsundere is a combination of the two words tsuntsun (ツンツン, tsuntsun?), and deredere (デレデレ, deredere?). Tsuntsun is defined as "aloof, morose, pointed", and deredere is defined as "exhausted, lovestruck", according to wikipedia. Examples of tsundere are Asuka from Evangelion, and Eri from School Rumble.

This club strives to unite all moe fans and moe wannabes (some of them are already moe!) and spread awareness of this mysterious phenomenon known as "moe" to the rest of the world, hopefully plaguing it along the way...or just spread fun! Yeah! Fun! Like the "SOS Brigade". Yeah...that's it! There are no rankings in this club because in the eyes of moe, all are equal. Contributors will still be credited though. Oh btw, we do get small banners for people to use. (later posts will have them).

Favourite moe character(s):
Favourite anime(s) that contains a moe character:
Why join in on our cause?
(optional) Do you like loli/shota? (The little blurp above explains these terms)
(optional) Do you like tsundere? (The little blurp above explains this term)

Kenny (founder)
Ace (prinny)
Ah Beng I the Pikabeng (prinny)
BladeTest (prinny)
Blake Srane (prinny)
Charbok (prinny)
cipher lord (prinny)
Coldboy (prinny)
Cookies (prinny)
Daniella Defines Divinity (prinny)
DarkUmbreon (editor prinny)
Diesel 34 (prinny)
Doroshi (moe prinny)
Draconic_Espeon (prinny)
Eliza Thornberry
Embreon (prinny)
evilpikablu (prinny)
FireflyK (moe prinny)
Flightspace (prinny)
Gogeta5214 (prinny)
Hakken/Megan (Prinny)
HKim (ghost member)
Jet (almost the mastermind)
Kenneth_Hardy (prinny)
KenshinU (half a prinny)
Kitty-chan (moe prinny)
Knightblazer (KuteBloomers, prinny)
Larvinator (prinny?)
Libra-Nator (prinny)
Light Manaphy (banner contributor)
Louise (de la Valiere)
May Norman (prinny)
Mikey (prinny)
Mr M (prinny)
Nyuu (prinny)
PokemonMaster-Chris (prinny)
Rebellion (prinny)
Reign-of-Dreams/Gambling over Dancing (moe member)
RF is moo (prinny)
RocketMeowth (supreme prinny banner maker for moe)
skiboydoggy (Not a prinny)
Skullz (prinny)
Snowball Sunday (prinny)
Starkipraggy (prinny)
suzyK (prinny)
Tails Prower (prinny)
the (Mitch, the prinny)
TheScottMan (prinny Moe, the bartender spirit)
Venusaur456 (prinny)
who (Honourary prinny member)
xxxSakura (moe prinny)

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