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Default Re: Crime and Punishment (PG-13ish)

~*Chapter Five: The World Outside*~

“Eadwig, huh?” Colin said lowly, feeling the fur along his spine prickling.

Professor Rowan, whom now sat on a floor cusion, nodded. “Yes. He was rather rude, actually.”

“What did he do?”

“Nothing threatening. He was mostly impatient and disrespectful.”

Colin turned his eager gaze to Lukko. “Do you think it’s him?” He asked excitedly.

Lukko ignored him. “Professor, I believe the cub is not familiar with the subject of the ancients. Would you care to fill him in?”

The Professor nodded. “Young man,” he said to Colin, “What do you know about the ancients?”

Colin felt the odd sensation that he usually got at school when his teacher called on him to answer a question. “Um…they lived a long time ago, they were powerful, they were looking for the Ultima Chain, and they were peaceful?”

“Powerful in what manner exactly?”

The feeling got worse. “Uh…I can’t really be specific, other than that no pokémon could match their power.”

Rowan nodded. “That’s a start. I believe I should fill in the rest.” He leaned forward slightly. “The ancients were capable of many extraordinary powers. Telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, mind control, divination, and even elemental magic were commonplace. As time went on, the gods foresaw their beloved race turning on them and destroying them in the future. Thus, the powers were greatly weakened, almost in vain; the power they held was still great.

“The ancients, whom had used their powers in their environment regularly, were crippled by this turn of events. Eventually, they found out about the gods’ actions and were greatly angered. They retained their peaceful appearance until they discovered rumors of the Ultima Chain. Lusting for the power to achieve revenge against the gods, the ancients studied the myth very carefully. One of them, a little boy, disappeared one day, leaving behind only a note that said he was searching for the Ultima Chain. No reason was given.

“It was only days later that the continent was destroyed. The few surviving ancients (whom also happened to be the kind-hearted ones, and therefore outcasts) made it to the mainland somehow, and have blended in with humans ever since. If anyone with an ancient in their bloodline survives, the powers of the ancients will still survive, though they will be pitifully weak; some of the traits might even be gone altogether. Add the consideration of not even knowing that one possesses these powers and one might say that the ancients are indeed completely extinct.”

Colin furrowed his eyebrows in thought. “But that boy…assuming he’s the pokémon you met, does he still have his powers?”

“Most definitely.”

Colin felt his ears droop as he began to sulk. “That’s reassuring…”

“You’re forgetting something, cub.”

Colin turned his gaze to Lukko miserably. “Like what?”

“He’s after the Ultima Chain, not us.”

“But he kidnapped my father!”

Rowan gave Colin his rare smile. “Your father is an information source. He will not be harmed until the Ultima Chain is found.”

“But what is the Ultima Chain?”

“An amulet of power so great that humankind cannot describe it respectfully enough.”

“Not good…who knows what he might do with that sort of thing???”

“Not anything peaceful, that’s for sure,” Lukko said abrasively.

“Then we’ve gatta get the Ultima Chain first!”

A long, awkward silence followed Colin’s statement. Rowan and Lukko were both staring at him as though he were insane.

Colin didn’t notice. “What?” he asked, scratching behind his ear.

“Cub,” Lukko growled, “do you have any idea what your proposal entails?! We don’t even know where to find the Ultima Chain!”

Rowan nodded in agreement. “Lukko’s right, young man. We have little to go by; however, any respectable scientist can make educated guesses if given the right information.”


Rowan’s eyes twinkled mysteriously. “I think I may know where to find some clues.”


“What is it, Pikachu?”

Pikachu whimpered and motioned toward a nearby house. Of all the pleasant little houses in Twinleaf, the one in question looked quite old and decrepit. With excitement, Ash Ketchum began to wonder if it was abandoned…or better yet, haunted. Sinnoh was a lot bigger than he expected – and a lot more mysterious.

A passing woman noticed his curiosity. “Sad story behind that house,” she said. “The stepmother never returned from a business trip, the father was kidnapped, and their son simply disappeared.”

“When did that happen?”

“Just yesterday. The local eccentric insists that the son was transformed into a bibarel by some demonic shinx, but no one believes him.”

Ash rubbed his head. For once he was too late to save the day. “What’s ganna happen to the house?”

The woman shrugged casualy. “No one knows. Everyone stays away from it, but every now and then one of the children gets dared to go inside. The most they ever do is take one step in, though.”

Ash began heading for the house, Pikachu following him closely. “I think I’ll take a look,” he said calmly.

The woman also began to walk away. “Don’t blame me if a gastly gets to you,” she called over her shoulder.

Ash had better things to worry about.


“I could have guessed Hearthome would be the place to go,” Colin said as he and Lukko trekked through the forest. “It’s the biggest city on the continent.”

“Getting rumors will be difficult,” Lukko pointed out. “Wherever there is a city, there are always plenty of humans.”

Colin winced. Lukko was right. They couldn’t just waltz up to someone and ask something along the lines of, “Hello there! Have you seen a suspicious-looking pokémon whom is looking for the Ultima Weapon so he can blow up the planet?” It was definitely out of the question.

A nearby sound in the bushes popped Colin’s thoughts like a soap bubble. “You hear that, Lukko?” he whispered.

Lukko nodded. “I smell it, too. Two humans, and a pokémon that I do not recognize…

Just as Colin caught a whiff of the scent, a net sprung up from underneath him and Lukko…


(Author's Note: Canon > Sues ~ I had the idea of Colin helping a trainer some way or another, but I couldn't think of a way to do it without ending up using a sue. So, I decided to use a canon character instead.)
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