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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Anime: Gundam Seed
Watched: all 50 episodes
ESRP rating: Teen (13+)
Genre: Action Mecha

Produced in 2002, and now just coming into America, it's the second series to make it in, and is the newest contender to Gundam Wing.


A portion of the series is computer animated. This unique combination has been shown in many of the new series from Sunrise, presumably to conserve cash count. The seemless combination, however, made this worthwhile.



Kira, a normal civilian, is dragged into the dreadlock conflict between the Coordinators (the meaning of coordinaters areshown to you later in the series), their arm ZAFT, and the Earth Alliance, led by the naturals. Things begin as Kira noticed the person stealing a top secret project is none other than his long lost best friend...

Overall the storyline is separated into 4 arcs, each with its own opening theme. Of those 4 arcs, only by the end of the second arc did the plot begin to really rev up. In my opinion, the beginning dragged for too long. The ening to this plot is also quite unsatisfying, as unanswered questions littered. However, we now know that there is a sequel to Gundam Seed, so we can...sort of overlook that. This is hte lowest score I've given to a Gundam series.



Kira is a stupid wimpy idiot. Naw, I just can't put upwith him for some reason. The question now is how did they manage to include so many characters. The answer: discard some now and then! I didn't like how they made one of the characters shift from the backburner and the antagonist and back to sort of a protagonist in the backburner. Overall, however, it was decent.



Gundam? It's never been original since the 5th Gundam series. However, the twist of the coordinators gave this a higher rating.



No matter how bad the plot and characters are, the action is still extremely well done. What can you say, I liked the fighting. The whole Kira thing and that one character (whom I really wanted to have placed into a stable, antagonist-to-protagonist shift), I've enjoyed a relatively decent series.


39/50 or 7.8

Whoa, that's quite a low score. I would have personally thought the series wouldhover over the 80-range, and I guess this one ended up on the lower end of things. No biggie. It's still a decent series, but not a major competitor against Gundam Wing. Gundam Seed Destiny, however, can be a different story...

- Kenny C., pilot of Providence
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