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Default Re: Mo Club

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
I have no collection of dolls. Kenny just pokes at me for liking the anime "Rozen Maiden". It is quite good and very popular in Japan (which surprised me when I found out).

As for "Desu", it's one of the phrases that the character, Suiseiseki, says after each phrase. It's supposed to be cute or something. Kind of like Naruto's "dattebayo". Kenny enjoys calling Suiseiseki, "Desu", because she says it all the time. I guess that's a good nickname considering other characters have worse ones like "Stinku".

*sigh* The anime club of PE2K begins...
So. I like Tokyo Mew Mew. *Shifty eye* SO what! I don't have a problem! I like my gentic engineer animal girls. There is nothing wrong with that is there?
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