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Default Re: Mo Club

Originally Posted by RocketMeowth View Post
OMG MASTER! I forgot to post here and look how many members joined!


Now to think of something moe. *thinks* *ponders* *wonders* *some other word that means 'to think'*


=^^= Nya
^^||| Okay...I'll let you...uhhh....go here now...

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
wth? o_O XD

@Kenny: Every Nippon Ichi game is mo, don't deny it =P
I cannot deny nor confirm my collection of NIS games are moe or not.

"Dude, Ar Tonelico's cover is PINK."

Uhhh...crap. ^^ ZAM

Originally Posted by Kitty-chan View Post
Maah, I haven't been able to watch all of Rozen Maiden. The site I watch most of my anime off of is being very unco-operative. >.> The person who uploaded it put the rest of the episodes after two on privet. T-T

Hmm, hmm, Moe.

...hmmm. Oh! I know! *does a jig* Baltheir. And Fran too. ^^

Oh yeah. 'Watashi wa' is 'I' for girls and adults, while 'Boku wa' is 'I' for younger boys. So you add the 'desu' at the end of the sentance to fill out the am, is or are needed.
Why don't you torrent like the rest of us? Or if you're feeling more hardcore, IRC. XD

Ah okay okay. Though I thought watashi was the more polite form vs boku wa being the more aggressive form of "I". I'm always so confused on that stuff. XD

Originally Posted by skiboydoggy View Post
I thought 'Desu' was just another useless sentence ender?

'Ore wa King of Hearts, saikyo no otoko.'

Y'know, like 'dattebayo! and stuff.
Naw. Some of them do have meanings that they make as useless sentence enders, de'arimasu.
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