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Default Re: Crime and Punishment (PG-13ish)

~*Chapter Six: Double Trouble!*~

A lone sneasel sat quietly, observing the scene before him from within his friend’s hole in a tree. The hoothoot was a bit difficult to understand at times, but for the most part he was a very kind and caring pokémon.

“A rare luxray and a shinx…alone?” He muttered. “I can understand why those humans wanted the luxray, but the shinx…”

“Something must be up, Diij.”

The sneasel nodded. There was something odd about the shinx, he could sense it.

“Ganna go play hero?”

Diij shook his head. “Knuku, you know what happened last time I tried to do that. For now, we wait and see what happens.”

“It’s about that shinx, isn’t it?”

Diij nodded. “Yeah. I get the feeling he’s not just a shinx…”


“Wow,” Ash breathed. “It’s like someone waged war in here or something.”

Pikachu squeaked in reply. Ash was right: the place was a mess. Curtains hung ripped in pieces, furniture toppled and thrashed, walls smashed in, doors ripped off their hinges, gashes and claw marks everywhere.

But the aura that hung in the air was even more ominous…

On the second floor of the house (it was difficult getting up the stairs; some of them were smashed in), Ash stumbled upon what seemed to be someone’s bedroom. The bed wasn’t made, the window was wide open, and there was a strange pile of clothes on the bed.

Sitting on top of them was a strange, glowing stone…


Colin felt absolutely humiliated. His captors were completely stupid and immature, arguing amongst themselves like five-year-olds. So far, he gathered that the stupid-seeming guy with violet hair was James, and the stuck-up lady with maroon hair was Jessie.

And their meowth spoke human.

“Creeps,” Colin said out loud. “We don’t have time for you. Let us go!”

The meowth looked furious. “Who’re you callin’ creeps?!”

“You, that’s who!”

Jessie looked down at the meowth. “What’s it saying, Meowth?”

Meowth ignored him. “Little twerp…” He drew his claws.

“I’m warning you,” Colin growled. “Let us go…or else.”

Lukko suddenly noticed something odd about Colin. He was gathering an abnormal amount of electricity for his size and age. Lightning sparked all around him, threatening to summon a storm.

“We ain’t lettin’ ya go any time soon, so get used to it!”

James seemed to notice the same thing that Lukko noticed. “Meowth, calm down. I don’t think that’s a normal Shinx…”

But it was too late. Colin felt something within him burning – something rising to the top. It took control of him effortlessly, causing him to tremble in its wake.

“Cub, stop! You’ll kill us all!”

But Colin didn’t know how to stop it, much less how he had started it in the first place. He screamed in a strange emotion that he had never felt before – it was a mixture of anger and terror. In his anguish, a great stream of electricity burst from his body, snaking out to slam into anything nearby – tree, net, humans and meowth alike.

And then Colin tumbled into darkness…
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