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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Anime: Witch Hunter Robin
Watched: all 26 Episodes
ESRP rating: Teen (13+)
Genre: Action Suspense
Currently licensed and airing on YTV, Cartoon Network (if I recall, and probably Adult Swim), and Teletoon (I think).

320 years since the coven sank into the dark,
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rating the series
"Kenny's Rate"
*I did not try to completely copy it all. lol


Sunrise, Sunrise, SUNRISE!!!! WHY do you use...COMPUTER?!!?! I don't know, it's still looking as good as Gundam Seed's style, so I'm not actually complaining about this budget-saving technique. After you get over Robin's ridiculous hairstyle, hey she's pretty cute. What I mean is, the graphics are overall well done, since we already know Sunrise's production standards.



STN-J is the Japanese branch of a witch hunting organization called Solomon (which its HQ is in Europe). One fateful day, one of the hunters in STN-J died, and Solomon sends a replacement hunter to STN-J...her name was Robin.

The story itself isn't actually separated into distinct categories, but you know when the story begins to shift its focus. Overall this story is intriguing and begins with masses of information that seem worthless at first, but may be informative later on in the plot (or it's just plain worthless). Either way, it keeps you guessing on who's the real good guy and the real bad guy. Man, the suspense was killing me by like the turning point in the plot, so I personally think it's that good. However, you still have to trudge through the slower starts, hence the slight drop in plot.



The most well-developed characters are the members of STN-J (obviously), and it didn't really matter whether the good guys/bad guys/intermediates/etc. are suffering from one-dimension syndrome.



I don't know whether the basis of WHR is actual witchcraft or not, but since witchcraft in general is the basis of many magic-based anime, I hesitate in giving it a high rating. However, the use of witchcraft in this setting is relatively original, and the Orbo twist is kinda cool.



Oh man, action packed AND with a good plot PLUS relatively good suspense to round off the hot, blonde chick's story. Seriously, I find myself enjoying this series much more.


45.5/50 or 9.1

Any series with over 9.0 for a rating is good. Yes, now you may watch the dub (which is alright compared to the sub. They're getting better with the dubs here, unlike the EXTREMEly crappy Gundam Seed dub.). Woohoo Robin! Now go watch this series.

- Kenny C., User of the anti-orbo (is there such a thing????)

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