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Default Re: Mo Club

Originally Posted by Doroshii View Post
If you add Desu to stuff.. It means stuff..

Chibi Kyon is more than moe. :O
I killed him by cutting him out!!
Okay. I approve of chibi.

Originally Posted by Kitty-chan View Post
Can't, none of my computers can download or read bittorrent yet, and I have no idea what IRC is.

Naaahh, one of my favorite characters is a furry. T-T But Kirara is so cuuuuttteee!~ Okay, so no furries. Wellll, there's Killua-kun from HunterxHunter. ^.^ I liked that show, watched all the way through it in four days. And Hisoka still gives me the creeps. *shudder*
Really? You only need a BT client and everything should work out. There are tons of those...

Myuuu, yeah it's to prevent pikachu lovers from storming into the club and taking it, then reforming the club into an army of pikachu believers that will ultimately rule the forum. At least we make our armies lolis. :3

Originally Posted by charizard_mike View Post
Hey. I am not really sure how moe this is but it was made from clips of SOS(The title is super hard to spell for me) and if you look in the corner of the video thing you can see the opening theme for Ghost in a Shell. Uncanny simlar right?
SAC = SOS Brigade! Of course! That's elementary! :3
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