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Default Re: Mo Club

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
Okay. I approve of chibi.

Really? You only need a BT client and everything should work out. There are tons of those...

Myuuu, yeah it's to prevent pikachu lovers from storming into the club and taking it, then reforming the club into an army of pikachu believers that will ultimately rule the forum. At least we make our armies lolis. :3

SAC = SOS Brigade! Of course! That's elementary! :3
You are refering to a certain pikachu loving Gmod are you Kenny? YOur anti-self? Then let us prepare the loli army! Good thing charizard isn't furry. haha

I should have seen it! SOS is a high school version of SAC! I should have known! It was in my face!

I love YouTube. Look what I found. haha. Full Moon meets SOS!!

EDIT: For those Lucky Star Fans.
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