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Talking Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

An Adventure of a Lifetime!
Chapter 1

"Pokeball Go!" yelled a voice.

A red and white sphere flew from the trainers hand and out onto the
battlefield. It opened and white light exploded from within. The massive
crowd cheered from the darkness as the light formed into a Charizard.

It roared as it flexed its wings. Its orange scales shone in the stadium lights
and its eyes glistened, filled with crimson fire.

The other pokemon, a huge Dragonite, eyed its opponent.

"Charizard use Flame-thrower!" called the voice.

A great ball of flame grew in the creatureís mouth.

"Dragonite use Hyper Beam!" ordered a second voice.

The dragonites eyes went yellow and a beam of golden energy shot forth
from the dragonís mouth, lighting up the whole stadium. Charizard
unleashed its flame-thrower at the same moment and the 2 devastating
attacks flew through the air. The attacks hit each other in the middle of the
stadium with tremendous force. The two energies twisted and contorted
around each other causing a huge explosion...


Our story begins in the Western territories of Johto, in the quaint little
village of New Bark town where our hero, Kevin Sun, has just woken up
from a dream, to the sounds of his alarm clock. This is the beginning of his
pokemon story...

Kevin rolled over in his bed and switched off the alarm clock that was
beeping loudly on his bedside table. He ran a hand through his thick blonde
hair and looked out the window to see the sun rising over the hill in the
distance. He wondered why his alarm had gone off so early.

And then he remembered.

"Of course!" he thought stupidly. "I get my first pokemon today!"

He pushed off his covers and jumped out of bed, almost knocking over his
magnemite lamp in the process. He changed as fast as he could, putting on a
bright orange T-shirt and pulling on a pair of black cargo pants with red
trim around the pockets, Lastly fastening it with an orange belt, with a
pokeball symbol on the buckle. He went to his bedside table, picked up his
silver Pokegear and strapped it to his left wrist. He then looked at himself
in his full length mirror. He flexed his muscular, 15 year old body and his
emerald green eyes shone with excitement.

He pulled on a pair of flame colored gloves as he ran downstairs. The
aroma of bacon and eggs wafted from the kitchen. He walked in and sat
down at the table. His beautiful, blonde haired mother placed his breakfast
in front of him, smiling.

"Thanks Mum" said Kevin. "Youíre the greatest!"

"Eat up honey" she said to him admiringly. "Youíve got your whole new
life ahead of you!"

He wolfed down his breakfast, got up, kissed his mum goodbye and
strapped on his single strap black bag.

"Make me proud son!" called his mother as he left the house. "Oh wait, you
forgot this" she dashed up to him, something in her hand. It was his father's
old silver necklace that was made especially to hold gym badges. She stood on
her toes and put it around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek. "Be careful

"Don't worry mom, I'll be fine!" he said smiling. He gave her one last hug and
walked out onto the dirt road.

He took a deep breath of the fresh morning air and made his way to Prof.
Elmís Laboratory to get his first pokemon.

Ten minutes later he arrived at the lab. The gleaming glass doors slid open
and he walked inside to see Prof. Elm, glasses shining, sitting at a computer
looking intently at the screen.

The Professor turned in his chair, saw Kevin and said, "You must be

"Yep thatís me!", he replied excitedly. "Iím here to get my first pokemon!"

"Of course" said Prof Elm. "Right this way!"

He led Kevin over to a desk. On it were three pokeballs.

"You may choose a pokemon Kevin" said the Prof happily. "Which will it
be? Cyndaquil, the Fire pokemon; Totodile, the Water pokemon or
Chikorita, the Grass pokemon? Choose carefully"

Kevin thought about it for a moment.

"I think..." he said, "Iíll choose Totodile."

"Excellent choice!" said the Prof. and he handed Totodileís pokeball to
Kevin along with a bright red pokedex and a handful of empty pokeballs.
Kevin put the pokedex in his pocket and clipped the pokeballs onto his belt.
"Your goal as a pokemon trainer is to become number one in the
world and to collect as many different kinds of pokemon you can find. At
the moment we know of roughly 300 different types but that total keeps
growing as pokemon trainers like yourself discover more and more. I wish
you luck on your journey Kevin."

"Thanks Professor! Cya later!" said Kevin leaving the lab.

"Goodbye Kevin! Good luck!" called Prof. Elm.

Kevin jumped down the steps and onto the road. He plucked Totodileís
pokeball from his belt and pressed the button. The gleaming red and white
pokeball shot open and white light spilled from within onto the ground. The
light took shape and there was a little blue croc, smiling up at Kevin.
It's cute tail twitched back and forth and its eyes shone.

"Hey little buddy, I'm Kevin! Are you ready for an adventure Totodile?"
asked Kevin excitedly.

It quacked happily and it jumped up and down.

"OK then!" said Kevin. "On to Cherrygrove City!"

He shouldered his pack and with Totodile at his heels left his hometown for
an adventure of a lifetime...
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