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Default Re: [WAR VI] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor

Originally Posted by Eeveeking929 View Post
Thank you my friend. Neptune, shut your trap. Anyways, do any of you guys now anything about the BitTorrent client Azures?
Like I said I will try but still that doesn't give you a right to say that to Neptunes. She has been very helpful and I am greatful just like I am to you that you both decided to join Trainer for this WAR season but still no need to say such mean things here in this thread. Not even I have the right to tell anybody to 'shut their trap' and that means you don't too.

Also I don't know anything about that BitTorrent.

Originally Posted by TheScottMan View Post
Now, now, is that any way to speak to a lady? She speaks the truth, as well. It's not Mikey's or any of Trainer's job to baby you.

War is once a year, there is stickied threads with the name. You're a big boy, big enough to use the internet, I'm sure you could have figured this out on your own.

Now, I believe you owe her an apology ^^;.
Second what Scotts said. I believe you owe Neptunes an apology for what you said. It will be nice.
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