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Thumbs up Re: VPP Breeder Stats

Age: 17
Current VPP

Magikarp 1907
Hatch @ 1922
Gyarados @ 1967
Lv100 @ 2207

Finished VPPs

Aura, the starting star!

Hatches@ 116-DONE!!
Evolves@ 206-DONE!!
Level 100@ 401-DONE!!

Dro, the Dragonite!

Hatches@ 417-DONE!!
Evolves@ 492-DONE!!
Evolves@ 567-DONE!!
100@ 702-DONE!!

Qwen, the...king?

Hatch@ 718-DONE!!
Seadra@ 799-DONE!!
Kingdra@ 823-DONE!!
Level 100@ 1003-DONE!!

Hatch@ 1019-DONE!!
Evolve@ 1109-DONE!!
Evolve@ 1229-DONE!!
Lv100@ 1304-DONE!!

Barry, the best darn pilot out there...(ZOMG he's actually flying!)

Hatch@ 1320-DONE!!
Evolve@ 1395-DONE!!
Evolve@ 1455-DONE!!
Level 100@ 1605-DONE!!

Gabby, the gossiper!

Hatches @1,621-DONE!!
Gabite @1,672-DONE!!
Garchomp @1,750-DONE!!
Mastered @1,906-DONE!!

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