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Default D/P WiFi Warstory- Sent Reglay vs. Ace Trainer

Hello everyone, this is Ace Trainer, I have always wanted to write an WarStory just like people in Smogon. So today I posted in the D/P battle thread looking for people to battle, Sent Reglay sent me a message and challenged me to a battle .

So I was testing my EV trained Breloom thinking Sent Reglay isn't gonna be that strong, but it turned out to be a really good fight and I lost in fact .

So this time I challeged him and took the Breloom off my team and then added Vaporeon to it and I thought I'd give my best in this battle.


Ace Trainer(Jase)[my team]:

Blah blah standards.

Sent Reglay(Nic)'s team:

Sandstorm team, I wasn't ready for it at all the first time.

Jase sent out Weavile!
Nic sent out Hippowdon!
Hippowdon whipped up sandstorm!

Good grief, that thing killed my Breloom last time.

Weavile used Ice Punch! (50% Damage)
Hippowdon used Earthquake! (90% Damage)
Weavile used Ice Punch! (50% Damage)
Hippowdon fainted!

6-5 Jase
My Weavile held on to low HP and sandstorm, but he didn't see anymore action anyways.

Nic sent out Cacturne!
Jase withdrew Weavile, sent out Salamence!
Nic withdrew Cacturne and sent out Tyrannitar!
Salamence used Draco Meteor! (95% Damage)
Jase withdrew Mence and sent out Vaporeon
Tyrannitar used Stone Edge, but misses!

God bless you Specs Mence with Draco Meteor!

Jase withdrew Mence and sent out Vaporeon!

I didn't want to show him my Vaporeon this early but w/e.

Vaporeon used Ice Beam!(5% Damage)
Tyrannitar fainted!

6-4 Jase
He never really used TTar in our last battle.

Nic sent out Cacturne!

This thing totally caught me by surprise last game, long story.

Cacturne used sucker punch! (10% Damage)
Vaporeon used Ice Beam! (100% Damage)
Cacturne fainted!

6-3 Jase

Nic sent out Magnezone!
Jase withdrew Vaporeon and sent out Blissey!
Magnezone uses Thunderwave!
Blissey is Paralyzed!
Nic withdrew Magnezone and sent out Garchomp!
Blissey can't move!
Jase withdrew Blissey and sent out Vaporeon!
Garchomp uses Fire Blast and misses!

I didn't know why he was trying to use Fire Blast again Blissey, hoping for 10% burn?

Nic withdrew Chomp and sent out Metagross!
Vaporeon uses Ice Beam! Critical Hit!(35% Damage)
Metagross uses Zen Headbutt!(65% Damage)
Vaporeon Flinched!
Jase withdrew Vaporeon and sent out Togekiss!
Metagross used Zen Headbutt! (45% damage)
Togekiss used Air Slash! (15% damage)

Didn't get the flinchax.

Metagross used Zen Headbutt!(45% Damage)
Togekiss used Roost!(back at 65% health)
Metagross used Zen Headbutt!(Kiss is at 20% health)
Togekiss used Roost!(back at 70% health)
Metagross used Meteor Mash!(Kiss is at 12%)

I figured no use playing Roost stall, so I hoped for flinchax.

Togekiss used Air Slash!(Gross down to 15%)
Metagross Flinched!

Money in the bank!

Togekiss used Aura Sphere! (15% damage)
Metagross Fainted!
Nic sends out Garchomp!

Oh I hate Landshark.

Togekiss used Thunderwave! It has no effect!
Garchomp uses poison jab! (12% damage)
Togekiss fainted!

My tiny little brain forgot that Garchomp is also ground type.

Jase sends out Salamence!
Nic sends out Magnezone!
Mence uses Draco Meteor! (90% damage)
Magnezone's sitrus berry restores health.

Wow that's a big dent on the floating metal, not very effective too. Time to sacrifice because I can't switch attacks with Mence due to Specs.

Jase withdrew Salamence, Jase sends out Vaporeon!
Magnezone uses Thunderwave!
Magnezone uses Discharge!
Vaporeon fainted!
Jase sent out Salamence!
Salamence useds Draco Meteor!
Magnezone fainted!


Nic sends out Garchomp!
Jase withdrew Salamence and sent out Skarmory!
Garchomp used Dragon Claw!(25% damage)
Garchomp used Fire Blast!
Skarmory fainted!
Jase sent out Salamence!
Salamence used Dragon Pulse!(100% damage)
Garchomp fainted!

3-0 Jase Wins

It was a good fight, I learned a good lesson to not to underestimate my opponent.

Now it's time for Props and Flops

-Specs Mence for most killing
-Weavile for killing Hippowdon
-Togekiss, Vaporeon, and Skarmory for sacrifice

-Nothing really

Peace out.

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