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Default Re: D/P WiFi Warstory- Sent Reglay vs. Ace Trainer

Originally Posted by Azumao View Post
Where else would it go? It's a D/P thing, so it goes in the D/P thread.

It would be a great sticky for warstories, but how many do we have already. xP Though, now that you did this, there's going to be a million of them flooding this board. I suggest you start a thread for it before a) they flood the board or b) somebody else does it taking your idea.

It's very interesting, though. It'd be a good way to decide if you want to battle someone, by reading their warstory.
Well thank you but it's not my idea, I got it from people in Smogon.

Writing up a Warstory is really tedious to do, I doubt the board is gonna be flooded with them even tho I want a lot lot of people to start making this.
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