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Default Re: D/P WiFi Warstory- Sent Reglay vs. Ace Trainer

Originally Posted by Sent Reglay View Post
The reason I used fire balst was because I thought that he thought I was going to use EQ and switch to Skarmory, so I counter-predicted. It didn't work.
Prediction takes work... I'm not so good at it myself. I'm probably going to make a bunch of tiny mistakes when I get my team ready and finally battle other people.

Originally Posted by Ace Trainer View Post
Well thank you but it's not my idea, I got it from people in Smogon.

Writing up a Warstory is really tedious to do, I doubt the board is gonna be flooded with them even tho I want a lot lot of people to start making this.
I actually love the stories they post at Smogon. I think those are usually for big events like JAA, though. In any case, maybe there can be a sticky for War Stories once all the excitement over these games have died down or something. They're pretty cool.
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