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Default Re: Pichufan4's Trainer Stats

Future Objectives!
Pokemon to be Obtained:
1. Misdreavus
2. Snorunt
3. Porygon
4. Rotom
5. Ledyba
6. Magnemite
7. Mareep
8. Pachirisu
9. Chikorita
10. Eevee x 4

Items to be Obtained:
1. TM Thunderbolt x 4
2. TM Shadow Ball x 4
3. HM Surf x2
4. Other TMs
5. Dusk Stone, Soothe Bell, Thunder Stone, Spirit Stone, Fire Stone, Ice Stone, Dawn Stone, Up-Grade, Dubious Disc

Future Ideas:
1. Become the Gym Leader of Sunyshore
2. Get off my lazt ass and finish typing the collab story with Leman (XD)
3. Write some stories (i have to start with Togepi even though i have togekiss... lol)

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