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Originally Posted by xCJ View Post
you know what i just not gonna trade with bunch of ******* the actually think there is something wrong with my pokemon
A) There hasnt been an Arceus event ANYWHERE yet.
B) You come on here, post you have all of those, and say they are legit? Nobody is going to believe you, and unless a pokemon is severly hacked(hacked ability, moveset, stats, ect), its not going to ruin your game anyways, and even then, Im not sure if it will.

some guy traded me a Shiny Arceus which i think it was his because his OT was ZERO
the Arceus was lvl 30 with aeroblast and Zap Cannon, its cool and i kept it
If your using AR, you can make any pokemon look like it was caught by anyone. Its why people can make a Deoxys that looks like it really is space c, and a Celebi that really looks like its 10 Aniv.

That, and there hasnt been an Arceus event yet.

And Arceus even legit, wont have Aeroblast.