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Originally Posted by Suizou-Sama View Post
Four word rule and you can't just judge pokemon if they're legit or not. Maybe the Darkrais, Shaymins, and Arceuses are ARed but the others are legit.

ARed pokemon don't mess up your game which is why I used to offer my friend's ARed deoxys's in the DP trading thread on here instead of the DP hacked trading thread.

Originally Posted by Cybernetic Ghost View Post
If your using AR, you can make any pokemon look like it was caught by anyone. Its why people can make a Deoxys that looks like it really is space c, and a Celebi that really looks like its 10 Aniv.

That, and there hasnt been an Arceus event yet.

And Arceus even legit, wont have Aeroblast.
My friend's AR can't do that. Trust me, I've borrowed it for about a month and I couldn't do anything like that on his AR. You can probably do that with GameShark, but AR probably not.

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