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Originally Posted by Light Manaphy View Post
Four word rule and you can't just judge pokemon if they're legit or not. Maybe the Darkrais, Shaymins, and Arceuses are ARed but the others are legit.
First off, the four word rule is the dumbest rule ever invented. I assume it's to keep posts substantive, but that is pretty much hurled out the window when people start adding irrelevant SPAM-words to keep in under the rule (to the point where all they say is "four word rule" in parentheses). But you're not a mod, so it's not your place to call regardless.

And I don't know why you're defending this guy, especially when he's straight-up lied about pretty much everything; he trades away rare Pokémon you can't even get, all shiny, and some with moves that are absurd and illegal. He claims his uncle works at Nintendo and that he gives him whatever he wants, which is not only the oldest excuse in the book but he also hasn't proven it true by giving us his name or profession so that we can confirm in the credits.

My friend's AR can't do that. Trust me, I've borrowed it for about a month and I couldn't do anything like that on his AR. You can probably do that with GameShark, but AR probably not.
Yes it can; you just don't know the codes. AR and GS do the exact same thing. Though I think it's safe to call Pokesav on this guy, seeing as he doesn't seem competent enough to even use a cheating device.

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