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Default Re: Tag Team Type Battle

Originally Posted by Arcane View Post
There will be a type battle you may Choose one type and 6 pokemon, these will be your only pokemon, they must all be the same type, Hybrids are allowed and legends are NOTapproved in this tourney, PM me or leave a message here to sign up.

Fire Team : Arcane, and ___________
Water Team : ___________ and __________
Rock Team:___________ and __________
Grass Team: ___________and __________
Bug Team: _____________ and ___________
Psychic Team: _____________ and __________
Dark Team: ______________ and _____________
Steel Team: _____________ and ____________
Fighting Team: ____________ and ___________
Ghost Team: _____________ and ____________
Thunder Team:______________ and _______________
Flying Team: _______________ and ___________
Poision Team:_______________ and ______________
Normal Team:_______________ and ______________
Dragon Team: ____________ and ____________
Ice Team:________________ and ______________
Ground Team:________________ and _____________

Tournment Starts Wednesday at 6:00 New York City Time
multi battles are not an option on wifi.
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