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Lightbulb Dauragon's Breeding, Shiny Shop Open

The Shop is (slow, but) Open

Shiny List (Ready to be traded):
I capture all my shinies through the PokeRadar method, I can get about 5 or more shinies in a day doing this, let me know if there are any you really want, and I'll try to capture them.
019:Rattata (OT:Bryan) UT
021:Spearow (OT:Bryan, Quirky nature, female, lvl 22, Route 225, Current Stats: 51,34,22,19,24,41, Keen Eye, Moves: Fury Attack, Pursuit, Aerial Ace, Mirror Move) UT
037:Vulpix (Docile nature, female, lvl 5, Ember, Tail Whip)
054:Psyduck (OT:Bryan, Gentle nature, female, lvl 22, Great Marsh, Current Stats: 60,28,28,35,31,34, Cloud Nine, Moves: Water Gun, Disable, Confusion, Water Pulse) UT
066:Machop (OT:Bryan) UT
074:Geodue (OT:Bryan, Serious nature, female, lvl 13, Mt. Coronet, Current Stats:37,27,34,14,14,10, Rock Head, Moves: Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish, Rock Throw) UT
104:Cubone (OT:Bryan, Careful nature, female, lvl 4, Route 203, Current Stats: 18,9,13,7,9,8, Rock Head, Moves: Growl, Tail Whip) UT
112:Rhydon (OT:Bryan, Modest nature, male, lvl 52, Route 228, Current Stats:172,138,134,57,59,51 Lightningrod, Moves: Horn Drill, Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Earthquake) UT
129:Magikarp PKRS
130:Gyarados (OT:Bryan) UT
133:Eevee (Hasty nature lvl 25)
134:Vaporeon (Hasty nature, female, lvl 25, Sand-Attack, Helping Hand, Growl, Quick Attack)
163:Hoothoot (OT:Bryan) UT
172:Pichu (OT:Bryan, Naive nature, female, lvl 16, Trophy Garden, Current Stats: 37,19,12,18,16,26, Static, Moves: Charm, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Sweet Kiss) UT
183:Marill (OT:Bryan, Docile nature, female, lvl 25, Great Marsh, Current Stats: 75,15,35,18,35,30, Thick Fat, Moves: Water Gun, Rollout, BubbleBeam, Aqua Ring) UT
194:Wooper (OT:Bryan, Timid nature, female, lvl 20, Great Marsh, Current Stats: 56,25,24,16,20,14, Damp, Moves: Mud Sport, Mud Shot, Slam, Mud Bomb) UT
206:Dunsparce (OT:Bryan, Impish nature, female, lvl 16, Route 208, Current Stats: 62,28,29,26,28,21, Run Away, Moves: Rage, Defense Curl, Yawn, Glare) UT
215:Sneasel (OT:Bryan, Bashful nature, female, lvl 35, Acuity Lakefront, Current Stats: 87,76,54,37,60,91, Keen Eye, Moves: Fury Swipes, Agility, Icy Wind, Slash) UT
220:Swinub (OT:Bryan, Clam nature, female, lvl 34, Route 217, Current Stats: 83,36,37,30,31,39, Snow Cloak, Moves: Mud Bomb, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Take Down) UT
227:Skarmory (OT:Bryan, Bold nature, female, lvl 57, Route 227, Current Stats: 145,99,196,55,85,94, Keen Eye, Moves: Cut, Fly, Slash, Night Slash)
238:Smoochum (OT:Bryan) UT
292:Shedinha (OT:Bryan)
307:Meditite (OT:Bryan) UT
308:Medicham (OT:Bryan) UT
311:Plusle (OT: Bryan, Serious nature, female, lvl 18, Trophy Garden, Current Stats: 52,26,22,36,34,39, Plus, Moves: Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore) UT
315:Roselia (OT:Bryan, Bashful nature, female, lvl 17, Route 212, Current Stats: 46,25,21,42,34,29, Poison Point, Moves: Poison Sting, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Leech Seed) UT
328:Trapinch (OT: Bryan, Quirky nature, male, lvl 25, Route 228, Current Stats: 57,59,27,28,29,12, Hyper Cutter, Moves: Bite, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb) UT
331:Cacnea (OT:Bryan, Calm nature, female, lvl 23, Route 228, Current Stats: 57,40,25,49,31,24, Sand Veil, Moves: Growth, Leech Seed, Sand-Attack, Pin Missle) UT
403:Shinx (OT:Bryan, Rash nature, male, lvl 3, Route 202, Current Stats: 16,9,7,7,6,6, Rivalry, Moves: Tackle) UT
442:Shellos (OT:Bryan, Quiet Nature, male, lvl 8, Route 205, Current Stats: 31,13,13,15,16,9, Sticky Hold, Moves: Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Harden, Water Pusle) UT

Shiny List (Will need to clone):
041:Zubat (Bold nature, Male, lvl16, Leech Life, Astonish, Bite, Supersonic)
078:Rapidash (Quirky nature, male, lvl 43, Fire Blast, Stomp, Fire Spin, Take Down)
328:Trapinch (Jolly nature, male, lvl 5)
384:Rayquaza (Lonely, lvl 70,)
480:Uxie (Rash nature, lvl 50, Acuity Cavern, Confusion, Yawn, Future Sight, Amnesia)
481:Mesprit (Sassy nature, lvl 50, Route 204, Confusion, Lucky Chant, Future Sight, Charm)
482:Azelf (Naught nature, lvl 50, Valor Cavern, Confusion, Uproar, Future Sight, Nasty Plot)
486:Regigigas (Modest nature, lvl 72, Snowpoint Temple, Ancient Power, Superpower)
491:Darkrai (Modest nature, lvl 70, Fullmoon Island, Vacuum Wave, Aeroblast)
492:Shaymin (lvl 30)

Legendary Legit (Needing to be Cloned) Trade List:
151:Mew lvl 48 (MYSTRY)
382:Kyogre (still needing to be transfured over)
383:Groudon (still needing to be transfured over)
384:Rayquaza lvl 100
385:Jirachi (WISHMKR)
480:Uxie (Adamant nature, lvl 50, Acuity Cavern)
481:Mesprit (Bold nature, lvl 50, Route 207)
482:Azelf (Bashful nature, lvl 50, Valor Cavern)
485:Heatran (Hasty nature, lvl 70, male, Stark Mountain)
488:Cresselia (Sassy nature, lvl 50, Route 207)
490:Manaphy (Sassy nature, lvl 18, Link trade, Bubble, Water sport, Charm, Supersocnic)

Legendary Legit (Ready to Trade) List:
150:Mewtwo lvl 71
386:Deoxys lvl 30
483:Dialga Careful nature, lvl 47, PKRS, Spear Pillar)
486:Regigigas (Lonely, lvl 70, Snowpoint Temple, Confuse Ray, Stomp, Superpower, Zen Headbutt, Untouched)

Breeding List

Items I have extra of:
Masterball x2
Power Bracer x3
Power Anklex3
Lucky Egg

Want List:
EV trained pokemon

will accept some other offers
This Week's FREE Pokemon: Female (Egg Moves) Riolu!


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