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Originally Posted by Sceptile View Post
Oh, this sounds cool. I'll join, but I may have to drop out if I can't finish training my Lucario in time.

Name: John
Friend Code: 3952 3484 6660
Team of Three Pokemon: Lucario, Drapion, Spiritomb (may change, but I think this is it)
accepted, you will be in the steel cup.

Originally Posted by CMEW View Post
sounds good my name and fc is on the sig

Originally Posted by Dialga of time View Post
I'll join 4381 8448 2963 Paco
Originally Posted by pikabeeash View Post
i'll join my fc and name is in first trainer card and my pokes -T-tar,houndoom and blaziken
Accepted, Grass Cup
Originally Posted by eon102 View Post
I'll join
friend code:1461 2917 3402
Team of three pokemon:Flygon, Gallade, Lucario

looks tough eh
accepted, ground cup
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