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Default Magical's Trading Thread

Hey all, let's start off with what I have to offer.

  • Shiny Exploud
  • Shiny Whiscash
  • Shiny Tentacruel
  • Jirachi
  • Articuno (Nicknamed Art Jr.)
  • Entei (Nicknamed Entei)
  • Groudon
  • Mewtwo (Nicknamed Mewlutuvu)
  • Regice
  • Regirock (Nicknamed Rocky)
  • Registeel (Nicknamed "Irony," I believe)
  • Latias (Nicknamed AlotIsBad )
  • Other normal Pokemon, Request and I'll see if I have 'em

  • Shiny Pokemon - Offer up and I'll try to make some fair deals
  • Good IVs
  • EV'd Pokemon
  • Shiny Milotic
  • Shiny Roserade (or Pre Forms)
  • Shiny Magnezone (or Pre Forms)
  • Shiny Magmortar (or Pre Forms)
  • Item: Magmarizer

Bold print indicates a Pokemon on the top of my wanted list, these I would greatly appreciate and would be willing to trade Big for.

-Magical Samurai

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Diamond Pokemon Trades
I currently have
Shiny Exploud, Shiny Tentacruel, and Shiny Whiscash
~20 lvl 100s, non-EV (specifically that is) trained.
available for trade, PM me to set something up.

FC: 1117 6700 8809

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