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Default Re: What's your D/P team?

My team:

Garchomp (Naughty) Lv. 74
Dragon Claw
Stone Edge

Staraptor (Gentle) Lv. 75
Aerial Ace
Close Combat
Brave Bird

Giratina (Quirky) Lv. 77
Dragon Pulse
Shadow Force
Earth Power
Fly (May replace with Energy Ball)

Dialga (Adamant but it has equal S Attack and Attack) Lv. 74
Flash Cannon
Dragon Claw
Roar of Time (Will be replaced with Aura Sphere)
Earth Power

Heatran (Mild) Lv. 78
Lava Plume (Will be replaced with Flamethower)
Flash Cannon
Earth Power
Crunch (Will be replaced)

Infernape (Serious) Lv. 80
Close Combat
Focus Blast
Shadow Claw

Give comments please.
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Credit to Scyperior for the banner and avvie.
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