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Default Re: My Trading List - Have Good Stuff

I'm interested in your Shiny Suicune.
Partly because mine is hacked. xD
Anyways, I have:
Shiny Mew (semi-legit, Old Sea Map was ARed, legit, SRed to make it Shiny)
Shiny Latias
Shiny Ho-oh w/ Liechi Berry, Enigma Berry or Lucky Egg
Shiny Luvdisc
Shiny Rayquaza (nicknamed 'DOOMDragon', I didn't name it)
Shiny Pidgeotto
Toys 'R Us MYSTRY Mew
Birth Island Deoxys LV30
Navel Rock Lugia LV70
Bonus Disk Jirachi LV5

Pick one or two for your Shiny Suicune if you're interested.
1289 4752 4219 - diamond
3352 3483 0241 - platinum
3567 3935 8361 - soulsilver
1634 7867 9741 - heartgold