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Default A Lonely Fate [One-Shot]

Something I wrote up after playing Pearl. It’s been bugging me for awhile because I’ve always wondered how these pokemon felt. Not that it won’t change anything but the writer in me just had to write it.

Be warned that it’s not my best work, just something I had to write. Maybe I'll rewrite it someday...

Infernape “Roxas”, Chatot “Cherap”, and Geodude are actual pokemon I have in my game by the way. XD

Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak

A Lonely Fate

“Hold on there, Cherap! Just a little longer!”

The Chatot nodded from her temporary roost on top a boulder, eyeing the Medicham below warily. I could here her hard breathing as she tried to recover from the Drain Punch she took yet determination still shone clearly in her eyes.

‘Lucky bird.’, I bitterly thought.

‘Even when you’re losing you’re winning compared to me.’

The fighting pokemon leaped up high with a leg outstretched on its trainer’s command.

“Cherap, fly now!”

Stretching her ebony wings, Cherap dodged the Hi Jump Kick at the nick of time, exactly as both her and Mistress planned. Their timing was exact, not a mistake to be seen. They both worked in sync as though they could read each other’s mind, knowing what the other was about to do or say. I simply envied that bond. knowing that I would never be a part of one as strong. The Medicham was hit with recoiled from the missed attack, given Cherap the perfect opportunity.

“Cherap,”, Mistress commanded, her eyes twinkling at the idea of the final blow.

“use Hyper Voice!”

A high pitched screech was issued multiple times which caused the foe to become extremely disoriented and fall out cold on the ground.

“Medicham!”, the trainer exclaimed in horror at the sound of the loud thud.

Pulling out a poke ball, the fallen pokemon disappeared in a flash of light.

“If you think that was easy, get a load of my next pokemon!”

Replacing the current poke ball with another on his belt, he released the pokemon with a confident smile. In all its glory stood a Rosearade whose grin matched its master’s.

“Cherap, would you like to see the battle?”, Mistress turned to the bird.

“Of course!”, Cherap replied, flying over by my side. Mistres smiled before getting out another pokemon, this one the oldest of them all.

“Guess again. Go Roxas!”

Roxas the Infernape came out with a fiery entrance, eager to make Mistress proud.

“Do you see how well they connect?”, Cherap asked in admiration.

“Maybe someday I’ll battle like that.”

“I wish I could battle like you.”, I admitted although holding most of my sourness back.

“Maybe you will someday.”

Through her cheery facade, I could hear her sympathy. She knew I wouldn’t battle, not significantly anyway. I was still as weak as when I was captured six months ago. A pokemon like me would never learn any powerful moves like Rollout or Earthquake. The joy of winning a gym battle is something I would never experience, only witness. Never would I grow stronger and evolve into a fighter that would someday be respected. I was doomed as I was, a pokemon with only one purpose.

“Oooh! Here comes the best part!”

My mind focused once again at the battle which seemed to be at its end.

“Okay, now Fire Blast!”

In a swirl of vagrant reds and oranges, Roxas unleashed a fire storm that swallowed the grass pokemon whole. Both of us looked away from the intensity of the flames, already knowing the outcome. When the fire died down, a charred pokemon was left in its wake, a shadow of its former self. The other trainer stared wide eyed at the scene, only moving to return his pokemon.

“Wow...”, was what left his mouth, an accomplishment in itself.

“That was incredible!”

Mistress shook the boy’s hand with a smile.

“That was a very challenging battle. It certainly made my day.”

The boy seemed to blush at the statement, rubbing his neck nervously.

“Yeah, well... I guess I owe you now.”

From his shorts, he gave the money he lost to the teen, a small frown present on his face.

“Just make sure you train for the Elite 4, I hear they’re tough.”

“Thanks, I will.”, she assured him.

With a wave, the trainer walked down the trail we had passed.

“That was amazing Roxas!”, Mistress congratulated.

“You too Cherap!”

That simple saying would have made my day but for the others, it was merely a routine. Mistress turned to me, the smile dying down.

“Now, Geodude. I want you to use Strength on that boulder.”

Inwardly sighing, I nodded.

My chance to shine would never come, I simply was an HM slave.

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