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Default Re: Tournament Rules

Originally Posted by lil_leprachaun33
because it's taken this long, yes there is a change from when you first started to now. but it is still unfair for those that haven't improved significantly. it's not the same as when the tournament first started. people have changed so much since the start, this isn't even the same tournament practically.
plus, not everyone is even interested in this tournament now. Shroomish posted she wants out. I'm considering dropping out ('cause im running it and shouldn't be participating). Vex and Torchicken I haven't heard word or seen from. And a number of others that are rarely on enough as is. You could practically win the tournament by dropouts. it would probably be better to just drop the whole tournament... and start a new one.

Yep I think I totally agree now, alot of the people who signed up just dropped out straight away...maybe the best thing to do would to start the new one in the summer when alot of people are active and aren't likely to drop out?

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