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Talking Porygon2 Trade

Hello, I was wondering if anyone would like to trade me a porygon2 holding a dubious disk to evolve it into PorygonZ. these are the pokemon I will be willing to trade for it:
lvl 31 Magmar
-Moveset: Fire Punch, Flame Thrower, Sunny Day, Confuse Ray
-Notes: Holds Magmarizer, allowing it to evolve.
lvl 18 Porygon2
-Moveset:Conversion, Double Team, Ice Beam, Psybeam
-Notes: This also contains a dubious disk, just in case anyone wanted one as
well. Also please excuse the dumb name (Genetics )
lvl 46 Onix
-Moveset: Dragon Breath, Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Iron Tail
-Gender: Male
-Notes: Another Evolution item, the Metal Coat. For a Steelix, of course.

__________________ CODE:Jacob 1418 3423 0589
NOTE: The two links above lead to Pokemon quizes.

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