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Default -MiniMegaThread- Looking for Shiny Eevees

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Name: Flan
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Post here ohmy. 0: Or PM me (preferred).
I have AIM but I rarely use it, so I won't bother putting it up.

My other thread fell down so I feel like posting up a new one.
You heard me right, Shiny Eevees. I've been trying to get the whole Eevee family in their Shiny forms for quite awhile now. I got bored lurking and decided to make a thread.
ALERT - I use bolded yellow text in this post. Shield your eyes, I say! 0:


Or you can just offer me one of the Eevee evos in their Shiny forms. Make sure I don't have that evo already first beforehand.
They need to be under LV100 and legitimate. I am not accepting Shiny Eevees or evos if they're LV100.

Evos I Need

Shiny Flareon

Shiny Umbreon

Shiny Glaceon

Shiny Leafeon

I have a few Pokemon to offer, so snort in disgust when you find out all I have to offer is a.. Magikarp. xP
NEWAIZ, they are all clones so I suggest you run away if you don't like cloning. XD
Event Pokemon/Legendaries
Toys 'R Us Mew (LV10, Sassy)
Bonus Disk Jirachi (LV5, Rash)
Deoxys (Birth Island, LV30, Calm)
Lugia (Navel Rock, LV70, Naive)

Shiny Ho-oh (pic: Comes in LV71 (x0), LV80 (x0), LV100 (x0) Transfer over.
Shiny Latias (pic: x0 Transfer over
Shiny Mew (pic: x1
Shiny Pidgeotto (LV23, Serious) x1
Shiny Feraligatr (LV58, Naive) x0 Transfer over
Shiny Luvdisc (LV31, Quirky) x0 Transfer over

Timid/Synchronize Abra x6 Choice of PokeRus infection
Totodile (hatch)
Piplup (hatch)
Torchic (hatch)
Wynaut/Wobbuffet (hatch)
Phanpy (hatch)
Charmander (hatch)
Treecko (hatch)
Feebas w/ Beauty nature (hatch)
Gible (hatch)
Diamond Exclusives

The ones that have to hatch will take some time.

I also have a few items, but I doubt you'd want to trade an item for your Eevee. PM me if you're interested in an item-for-pokemon trade, though.
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