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Cool Unoffical Pokemon Tournament 2007

Welcome to the Unoffical Pokemon Tournament 2007! This is where you can show your skills - to become to Master of the Year.

First we have to get at least sixteen people to join our tournament. Once we have that many, we can make the fixtures and start immediatley!

Please join to become the Master Of The Year and perahps you can make your run next year as well.

All battles will be Lv 100, Legendaries allowed.

People Entered:-

- Vincent_Valentine_4
- pokemongal72
- Sly Swampert
- Gegi
- Flaming Zigzagoon
- Legend Killer
- Todd6
- Hyper Blaze

Tournament entries are now closed - results and fixtures will now be posted - Tournament starts 16 June 2007 at 9:00 AM (New York time)
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