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Default Re: Mo Club

Moe of the time period! (I need a banner XD)

Wheeee, time for the first moe of the time period, where when I become bored, I make up random stuff about different moe characters or something along those lines. Sometimes they write themselves! :O Today's guest is a very...uhhh...special girl.

That I've said enough. Yes, it's THE Beating Killer Angel slash club-to-death Angel Dokuro-chan! :D And her weapon is partially covered with the logo to prevent you from seeing the trauma underneath it all (and there's no endless story here).

Her track record is impressive, including turning people into monkeys, baring it all for the audience with specific cover ups that only fan service can deliver, and even impale some guy to death many times, and potentially over and over again. For some reason she can get away with all of her evils. Why? Because she's SO DARN CUTE...MOE! I demand to see my lawyer! She's clearly a hot demon inside that angelic body of hers! I'm gonna sue! Yeah! Sue her (lack of) pants off!

Her anime series is very short, at 8 15-minute increments, but the show itself is so hilarious that nobody cared. Heck, I even gave it a 5 out of 10 for the sheer fact that it has everything (violence, fan service, and comedy, and violence) in it. Clearly a series to behold, I decided that people should not watch it so their brains wouldn't deteriorate. But I've failed miserably as many men fell to her charms. I was...too late. But no matter! I've got my own weapon of choice against Dokuro-chan!


I rest my case.

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