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Default Re: VPP Breeder Stats

Originally Posted by tai sky View Post
Tai Sky's VPP stats :
I don't think I'm doing this right...Here we go!

Name: Tai Sky
Pokemon: Bouncer the Treecko

Hatches: 49
Evolves: 82
Evolves: 142
Level 100: 334
Tai sky, your thing was'nt working because you typed "dpmfa" instead of "dpmfb". Also, ASHv7, you get your eggs HERE. ((Go under the "Legendaries requirements" part for it))
あたまの はなかざりの かおりには リラックスさせる こうかが ある。ていれを なまけると かれてし まう。

The aroma from the flower decoration on it's head has a relaxing effect. It will wither if it is not cared for.
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