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Default The Sinten League Is About To Begin - 9 CHALLENGERS NEEDED

I've decided to start my own Pokemon league. If you would like to be apart of the league PM me.
I will need.

Only 3 legendaries can be used in battle - E4 ONLY ! Since most legendaries are over lvl 70
In The Elite 4 Pokemon CANNOT Be over lvl 85 - THAT MEANS NO LVL 100s !
No AR Pokemon.

A Gym Leader For The Gravel Badge. Must have 3 ground/rock type pokemon Lvls 10-15 thats you will use in your gym.

A Gym Leader For The Bush Badge. Must have 3 grass type pokemon lvls 15-20 that will be used in your gym.

A Gym Leader For The Assault Badge. Must have 3 fighting type pokemon lvls 25-30
that will be used in your gym.

A Gym leader for the Aqua Badge. Must have 3 water type pokemon lvls 25 - 30
that will be used in the gym.

A Gym Leader for the Spook badge. Must have 3 ghost type pokemon lvls 30-35 that will be used in your gym.

A Gym Leader for the Metal badge. Must have 4 steel type pokemon lvl 35-40 that will be used in your gym.

A Gym leader for the Frost badge. Must have 4 ice/water type pokemon lvl 35-45 that will be used in your gym.

A Gym leader for the shock badge. Must have 4 electric type pokemon lvl 45-50 that will be used in your gym.

4 Members of the pokemon league. You choose your favorite type and you use all the same type of pokemon. You need 5 pokemon lvls 50-60

For gym leaders, not ALL the pokemon have to be the same type as your gym, but a majority must be, but you cannot make it an unfair advantage to your opponent. For example if you are the water gym leader, you must have at least 2 water pokemon, and one can be of another type. But taking along a piplip a bidoof and a say, chimchar, would be unfair to the opponent. Considering that most likely they will bring along an electric or grass type pokemon to defeat your pokemon. A fair battle would be your Piplup, Bidoof, and Geodude considering if they brang along all electrics the geodude would basically be uneffected by their moves. But geodudes attacks may not demolish your opponent in a one hit K.O.

I hope i explained this in the best way i could.

I will reign as the champion.

If you would like to join in as a gym leader or be part of the elite 4, PM me with what gym you want and what pokemon you will be using :). You may also join as a challenger, this list will be updated as new members join. The league will begin next friday JUNE 15th ! So hurry up and join ! If you beat the champion, you will be rewarded a custom trainers card with all the new badges on it, and a starter pokemon egg from any generation of your choice !

When you are challenging a gym, you are allowed to use up to six pokemon, but you cannot have those pokemon more than 5 levels higher than the gym leaders. For example, the maximum lvl the first gym leaders pokemon can be is 15, your challenging pokemon may not be over lvl 20 !


Gravel Badge Leader: dragonzrule
Bush Badge Leader: Spinda Ace
Assault Badge Leader: rare pkmn catcher
Spook Badge Leader: E6m
Aqua Badge Leader: Blu-Kyogre
Metal Badge Leader: Arcane
Frost Badge Leader: Pichufan4
Shock Badge Leader: Hyper Blaze

Leader 1- GEGI
Leader 2- Legend Killer
Leader 3- Hobobob
Leader 4- TheOneAndOnlyCarlo
Champion - WarriorSokka (Alex)


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