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Default Zangoose Survivor Game (NO MORE SIGN-UPS!)



Welcome to the Zangoose Survivor Game, where you will most likely be injured by the rabid, seething fury of the Zangoose Army. If youíre some hippie that canít even deal with the mention of firearms, even in a joking matter, then this is not the game for you and should just leave. I plan to have more than a bit of references to them.

I hope to have my game follow in the large and powerful footsteps of the PSG and Iíll need all of the people that sign-up to help me do that. If you would like to submit images of Zangoose for the game, please PM them to me.

But if you want one of these images and want to stay in the game youíll have to help me out by changing your sig to have the image I give you. Unless a G-Mod would like to help out that is.


Youíve survived crazy political mishaps, famine, and disease. However, when the Zangoose Army hit your town, this was definitely something your population was not prepared to handle.

The city where you live was overrun by a foreign army known as the Third Zangoose Reich, and the result of their experimental gasses and liquid injections are you ending as a Zangoose. To win this game, you need to be the last human standing. If you win this, youíll be able to freely ask for any sort of help with writing (RPing included) you may need, and I can do some banners as well, also at your request. You wonít have to PM or e-mail a beta and wait days at a time to get responses, and you wonít have to wait for all the other banner requests in shops to be finished before you get your banner.

The losing part of this game can be fun too. Every time someone loses or gets knocked out, I like to make a colorful description of their downfall and ascent into Zangoose-ness.


When the game starts, everyone gets a number. And then, once a day (usuallyÖ) a randomized roll is made to see whose house is raided and their families are turned into Zangooses. If your number is rolled, uh-oh spaghetti-oís! Youíre now a Zangoose, and didnít become that in a very peaceful way! Thatís not a good thing if youíre trying to win.

Another way that you can become a Zangoose is through Transforming Zangoose Injections, which contestants can use against each other to make each other Zangooses outside of the randomized roll. If you are hit with a Transforming Zangoose Injection Syringe, you have three days (exactly 72 hours from when it was contracted) to get an Anti-Zangoose Steroid or Violent Rebel Soldiers With Healing Injections to remove the effect. If you donít get either before the time limit is up, that creamy white fur, vicious black claws, and famous red streak are all yours, not to mention being drafted into the Zangoose Army.

Meanwhile, to protect yourself against the randomized roll, there are things such as Self-Defense Items and Rebel Soldiers that offer protection from it. However, remember that they wonít permanently protect you, their effects wear off and you need a constant income of protection if you want to make it to the end. Also, despite the effect of items, the randomized roll will keep going until someone becomes a Zangoose soldier.


If you want protective items, you need to participate and win challenges, which consist of trivia questions that will come from subjects all over the place, with a few based on PE2K history. Meanwhile, Self-Defense challenges are 100% PE2K related questions. Thatís the only hint. Also, if an item is pretty powerful, its questions will be harder.

There are two ways to submit answers to these trivia questions. The first and best way is to PM them. The second way is to post them in this thread. Whoever submits the right answers first out of both methods gets the item. Remember to answer fully also, as you might not get the question if you miss the details. Also, if you submit answers and at least one of them is wrong, Iím only going to tell you your answers are not all right. I wonít say which ones; you need to find that out on your own. I like messing with your head like that.


Immunities last for a short while, but they give you infinite protection against Zangoose rolls for the time they last. Your number could be rolled a million times, but if you have a self-defense item, youíll be fine. However, once that itemís ammo is up, itís gone, and youíll have to get a new one to continue the effect. Also, Iíll label the days the Immunity will be active. ďACTIVE SELF-DEFENSEĒ means you possess an Immunity that will still protect against future Zangoose rolls. ďLAZY BUM WHO CANíT DEFEND THEMSELVES ANYMOREĒ means you had the item for todayís Zangoose roll, but itís been used up. Also, toward the end of the game, Self-Defense Items become more powerful than they were in the beginning because of the lessened amount of people.

Also, it is possible to extend an already existing Immunity by earning another one.

Hippie Self-Defense Item Ė Hippie Self-Defense Items protect for one day. Considering there are a lot of people in the beginning, these will be next to useless toward the beginning of the game. However, when the numbers start thinning out, expect to see more of them.

Ninja Self-Defense Item Ė Ninja Self-Defense Items protect for two days. Other than that, they behave like a normal Self-Defense.

Hormonal Pissed-Off Pregnant Woman Self-Defense Item Ė Hormonal Pissed-Off Pregnant Woman Self-Defense items protect for three days. Considering there are a lot of people, more of these will be offered generously toward the beginning.


Rebel Soldiers have no time limit like Self-Defense items do and last with you until you need them. However, they only work once per Group of Soldiers. If you have a guard and your number is rolled, you will be protected for that one shot. They will save you from becoming a Zangoose as long as you have them with you. It is also possible to have multiple guards.

Panzy Rebel Soldier Group Ė The Panzy Rebel Soldier Group will protect you from one Zangoose roll. However, if your number is rolled, the Panzy Rebel Soldier Group will run and scream like little girls after the first sign of danger leaving you unprotected after that. After being hit while you have this, a new roll is started.

War-Hardened Veteran Rebel Soldier Group Ė The War-Hardened Veteran Rebel Soldier Group will protect you from one Zangoose roll. However, if the War-Hardened Veteran Rebel Soldier Group is defeated, they give you a Self-Defense Item with one day of ammo and triggers a second Zangoose roll. Just note, these will only be offered in the beginning. Toward the end of the game, I will stop having challenges for them.


These are all fun devices to use against other contestants. If youíre trying to win, why not take a few of them out to make it easier for you?

Specialized Zangoose Napalm Chamber - This brutal and favorite piece of hardware is known for being a thrill maker. Whoever wins the right to send people to the Specialized Zangoose Napalm Chamber gets to select three people who they think would make really great Zangoose soldiers. After theyíve been selected, the next Zangoose roll occurs only between those three people, while everyone else gets to watch the tortu- I mean pleasure. However, if any of these three victims have Rebel Soldiers or Self-Defense Items, they are still counted. This can be used to your advantage though if youíre clever with who you pick.

Make sure youíre the one using the Specialized Napalm Chamber, not one of the people that are going to become a vicious, bloodthirsty mongoose.

Also, the Key to the Specialized Zangoose Napalm Chamber can not be held, it must be used instantly.

Transforming Zangoose Injections Ė Getting this allows you to give another player Slow-Occurring Zangoose Transformation. Give it to a friend, or an enemy! Theyíll become a vicious Zangoose soldier if they donít an Anti-Zangoose Steroid or Violent Rebel Soldiers With Healing Injections in three days time. Also, it may only be held for one day (exactly 24 hours), or else its effect is lost.

Zangoose Weapons of Mass Napalm Destruction- This is the ultimate joy toy for the insane, the psychotic, and the trigger-happy. Itís for those people that love Zangoose and napalm almost as much as I do, or just joined for the sheer joy of seeing LZís playground. Meanwhile, they also get to take out a few others with them.

When you get Zangoose Weapons of Mass Napalm Destruction because youíre psychotic or insane, you set off a massive detonation that sends a massive Zangoose shaped cloud of Specialized Zangoose Napalm into the air. However, youíre at ground zero, so the first one to become a Zangoose is you. Congratulations. But thatís not all!

You also get to select two others to become Zangoose Soldiers with you. It also passes through all Items and Soldiers due to the MASSIVE exposure. Meanwhile, two others even besides that get Transforming Zangoose Injections. Really cool, eh? You know you want it!

It must be used instantly, no exceptions, ever.


Okay, so you donít want to be a Zangoose after allÖ

But you werenít able to help it, or some mean or nasty psychotic person hit you with Transforming Zangoose Injections and youíd like to get rid of it. These are how you get cured!

Violent Rebel Soldiers with Healing InjectionsĖ This is undoubtedly the best item in the game, and itís the only way to get back into the game after becoming a Zangoose Soldier. If you win the ability to have Violent Rebel Soldiers with Healing Injections locate you and save you from certain doom, you become human again, and you can get back into the game. Or, if you have Transforming Zangoose Injections in you, this will get rid of it just in time.

Also, Violent Rebel Soldiers With Healing Injections Challenges only have PE2K-related questions. Thatís the only hint youíll get. Also, you canít participate in a Violent Rebel Soldiers With Healing Injections Challenge unless youíre a Zangoose or have Transforming Zangoose Sickness in you.

Anti-Zangoose Steroids Ė If some nasty person hit you with an injection or a totally insane psychopath used a Zangoose Specialized Napalm WOMD and tagged you with Transforming Zangoose Sickness, this will help bail you out in time. Donít wait too long to get it, or you will become a Zangoose. Also, only people who have Transforming Zangoose Sickness can participate in Anti-Zangoose Steroid challenges.


WARNING: If you become a Zangoose and you take off your Zangoose image, thatís considered forfeiting from the game and you will be unable to come back (Again, itís a part of the game!) And needless to say, I kinda frown upon this. Just keep them on and wait for Violent Rebel Soldiers with Healing Injections challenges. Theyíll come!

So, ready to gamble your humanity for one heck of a prize?

PS: I have Neo's permission for this. If you do not, then do not make your own version! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

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