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Default Re: Staring Death In The Face {PG 13}

Adam and John walked into the sunset talking happily. Suddenly the saw a figure running past them. They squinted at the shadow and tried to make a figure out of it They were too far too see it properly and soon they didn’t care about it. Adam and Jeff walked over to Adam’s house to tell his mother the good news. Adam slowly pushed the squeaky door carefully and crept into the house. Adam crawled into the kitchen were he saw his mum. Adam crept behind the wooden chair she was sitting on and pounced on her shoulders. Mrs Walker jump and screamed in fright. She grabbed the broom in front of her and used it as a weapon. She swivelled round and saw Adam and Jeff laughing there heads off. She stared at Adam and laughed along with them. She ran too him and hugged him tightly.

“Your back, why didn’t the doctors inform that you were ok?, well who cares your back” Said Mrs Walker happily.

She was overjoyed to see her son back, but soon he left home again. They left for one of their friends houses.

They walked on the golden road all the way Balls house it was a Small, rectangular house with a yellow roof and an orange door. They knocked on the door and Ball, wearing a T-Shirt with all the Eevee Evolutions on it. He ran his hand through his slick Red Hair.

“Hey Adam” Ball said smiling.

“Hey Ball this is Jeff, a good friend of mine” Adam said as him and Jeff walked into the small house that was pretty much just all brown. It was nicely kept because Balls mom was a neat freak.

“Hey” Jeff said shyly, looking at the floor.

They walked into the house and Ball opened a trap door that takes you down to the basement. Jeff’s eyes flew open in surprise. Adam looked back at Jeff and winked. They walked down the steps into Balls own little lounge. The place was filled with computers. Adam and Jeff saw six Pokeballs lying on the couch. Ball sat down on the computer and let his fingers flow on to the keys. An Umbreon popped up on the screen.

“This is my favourite Pokemon of all time” Ball said.

Jeff smirked “That weakling?”

Ball stood up “That weakling has won me that all city finals three years in a row.”

“Adam and I also weren’t in it now were we?” Jeff said mocking Ball.

“Ok! That’s it!” Ball said pressing a button

The floor turned into a Pokemon stadium.

“Jeff I challenge you to a battle!! One on One” Ball said picking up a Pokeball on the couch.

“Sure ………Ball……..You sound very excited to lose” Jeff said pulling out a Pokeball.

“Go Garchomp, did I forget to mention that I used to be the Viridian City Gym Leader?!” Said Jeff Smirking

Garchomp popped out of its Pokeball. It looked just like a Sandy monster it stood high and tall over the stadium.

Ball laughed hysterically, “Don’t you know anything about type advantages?” Ball laughed and threw out his Pokeball “Go Umbreon!!” Ball yelled as something that looks just like a black cat with yellow stripes.

“Yes, I do” Jeff said. “Garchomp, Brick Break!” Jeff yelled.

Garchomp clenched his fists and fired three powerful punches making Umbreon fall to his feet.

“Yea, eat it” Jeff said laughing.

"Umbreon use Faint Attack" Ball roared

Umbreon disappeared and landed right in front of Garchomp, Garchomp looked as if it didn’t feel anything.

“Heh, what a puny attack” Jeff said laughing at Balls bad attempt to kill Aggron.

“Don’t you think about type advantages?” Laughed Jeff.

“Garchomp! Use Earthquake!!” Jeff yelled.

Umbreon felt the shock. Ball was shocked at the power of Garchomp. All of the sudden a huge crash was heard upstairs. Adam, Jeff, and Ball ran up stairs, to find the house a mess and two people running out of the door.

“Man, how many chases do I have to go on” Jeff said as he took off running out the door.

Adam and Bill followed him all the way. Then Adam thought of something.

“You know Jeff there is an easy way to do this” Adam said as he threw a Pokeball on to the ground.

A Dodrio popped out. An Odd bird with three heads that can run faster then it can fly. Adam hopped on the Dodrio and they were off. Adam soon passed Jeff, Jeff threw his own Pokeball onto the ground. It was a Charizard. Charizard shot flames out of its mouth.

“Ok, Charizard let’s GO!” Jeff said as he go on top of Charizard

Charizard flew to the sky with Jeff on his back. Adam was wondering why Jeff used Charizard just to catch a few idiots like 100 feet away. Dodrio caught up to the crooks, Adam saw they were wearing masks and all black.

“Good thing it’s not time, we’d never see these idiots” Adam said to himself.

Adam knew it was time. He jumped off of Dodrio onto one of the crooks. The other one just kept running.

“Dodrio!” Adam shouted as he held one of the burglars down. “Go get the other one!”

Dodrio squawked and nodded its heads in understanding. It took off running bobbing its three heads trying to catch the robbers. Dodrio got to him…….he pecked him three times and he was down. The burglar kicked Dodrio and ran into the shadows.

“Jeff, bring Charizard down and land on him!” Adam yelled to Jeff who was still high in the sky on Charizard.

Jeff agreed. Charizard swooped down and landed on right on the downed man. Charizard was too nice and sat down as easily as possible. The man screamed extremely loud.

“Good job Charizard and Dodrio, It‘s ok don‘t worry!” Adam and Jeff screamed together.

Five minutes later Ball walked up with a Policemen.

“Ball, finally, it took you long enough” Adam said, laughing.

Ball laughed and said, “Well I wasn’t riding on a Pokemon now was I?”

Adam laughed. The officer arrested both men. Charizard wasn’t very happy about getting up so Jeff had to recall him before he burnt all of Goldenrod down. The officer handed Ball a Pokeball.

“This is apparently what they stole” The officer said shrugging his shoulders.

Ball looked at it in shock and said, “My…My….My…Drifloon!”

Adam’s eyes got big, “You have a Drifloon!?

“Yea” Ball said like it was obvious. “I’ll show you where I caught it too.”

“Really?” Adam said anxiously.

“Yea, come with me.” Replied Ball

Adam, Ball, and Jeff walked back past Balls house into a small patch of woods.

“How did they get back here?” Adam asked.

“Well, they were loaded into the Goldenrod Game Corner and they just escaped” Ball replied walking slowly through the woods. “They’ve been looking for them but can’t find them, and we’re the only ones that know about them.”

Adam looked up through the beautiful woods and thought about his father. His father used to take him back here as a child to camp and go hunting. He loved how the trees looked as if they were dancing. The leaves were falling off but there were still some leaves left to make it beautiful.

Ball pulled out a whistle that made this huge annoying sound. It was so loud it could shatter glass in Blackthorn City.

“Aw, dude why’d you do that?” Adam asked Ball covering his ears.

“It’s a whistle that brings all Ghost type pokemon to you.”

Jeff looked at Ball like he was crazy and said, “It better work”

“Jeff, trust me, it will work.”

Jeff snorted and rolled his eyes. Ball continued to blow that blasted whistle. Balls face was starting to turn red because he had been blowing so long.

“Yea, it really works” Jeff said as bent down to pick a stick up off of the ground.

Ball was starting to get discouraged, he threw the whistle down in disgust.

“Loon, Loon, Loon!” Ball yelled.

“What is that?” Asked Adam

“It’s a Drifloon call” Replied Ball

“Just as stupid as that stupid whistle” Replied Jeff

“Jeff and Bill would you two idiots quit arguing” Adam said stepping in before it turned into an all out fight.

“No Adam, this idiot obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about” Jeff said moving closer to Ball.

“Stupid!? I created the Pokemon Storage Box!” Ball yelled at Jeff.

“Yea which Lannette improved greatly” Jeff said knowing he was annoying the hell out of Ball.

“Hey, shut up,” Adam said pointing at a bush.

“What is it Adam?” Jeff asked Adam.

Suddenly a balloon appeared from the bushes.

“Just a stupid purple balloon” Said Jeff discouraged

Adam stared as a leg came from the balloon.

“No,…..No….,No It’s a Drifloon” yelled Adam

“This is mine!” Adam yelled reaching down to his Pokeball Belt.

Adam threw a Pokeball to the ground and yelled, “Go Gengar!”

Gengar popped out of its Pokeball, then it disappeared. Then it reappeared and it got its game face on ready to battle. It grinned widely.

“Ok, Gengar use your almighty Shadow Ball attack” Yelled Adam

Gengar started to focus; it put one hand just above the other, smiling. A black ball formed into his hands. He reared back, then he threw the Ghostly ball at Drifloon.

Drifloon ducked down dodging the blackened ball. The balloon Pokemon swayed in the wind and suddenly used Imprison. Gengar dodged the imprisoning blow. Adam leapt out of the way. Then the attack fell to Adam’s friends. Suddenly they couldn’t move.

Adam was focused. He had to save his friends.

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