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Default Re: Staring Death In The Face {PG 13}

Adam stared at Drifloon. Suddenly a crook leapt out of the bushes. He grabbed Drifloon and ran away with the balloon Pokemon in his arm’s. He grabbed a small looking cage and squashed Drifloon into the cage. The crook ran as fast as he could. Adam chased him with all of his might. Ball and Jeff joined him and the all chased after the crook. Adam Shot out his Pokeball to the ground and the huge bird Pokemon flew out. Adam, Jeff and Ball leapt onto the back of the three headed bird Pokemon and rode speedily. Soon they caught up with the crook, but Dodrio couldn’t stop or he would lose his speed. Adam stood on Dodrio. Adam was ready to jump on the running crook. Adam leapt in the air and grabbed the crook by the neck. Adam fell to the floor with the crook. The crook had a black T-shirt with a huge R in the middle. He wore a black hat and silver boots. He crawled off Adam but he was cornered by Jeff and Ball. Adam got up and rubbed his head.

“Give that Drifloon back,” Ordered Adam

“Make me” Replied the crook.

“I will, Goooooooooo Gengar” Yelled Adam

“Lets Go Ariados” Ordered the crook.

Ariados, the Spider Pokémon. This Pokémon weaves webs in order to catch its prey. Its bite and sting are extremely poisonous.” Adam’s Pokedex recited.

The Spider Pokémon hissed.

“Adam I figured it out, He’s a member of team rocket, He’s a grunt” Said Ball

“Ariados, get ‘em with a Poison Sting!” the Rocket instructed.

Ariados moved slowly toward Gengar, its sharp fangs shone in the sun.

“Gengar, use a Psychic!” Adam said.

Gengar jumped from its feet and leapt at Ariados, however the Spider Pokémon dodged easily and went to bite Gengar.

“Gengar, look out!” Sarah yelled. Gengar quickly dodged backwards, just missing out on getting a nasty bite.

The Ariados and its trainer looked angry now. Ariados clicked its fangs together viciously.

“Ariados, use Mean Look!” As the Rocket barked his orders.

Ariados reared up on its hind legs, then looked deep into Gengar’s eyes, shooting a twisted glance toward it. Gengar growled angrily but the fear was clear in its eyes, but It was rooted to the spot and Adam wasn’t able to switch to another Pokemon.

“Gengar try Hypnosis!” Adam called out.

Gengar grinned. He put his arms forward and

“Ariados, Toxic.” The Rocket grunted, pointing a finger at Gengar.

Ariados stared at Gengar and then fired dangerous poison. Gengar speedily dodged the weak attack, then attacked the spider Pokemon with a hypnotic glance. Ariados was mesmerised in the hypnotising ray. Ariados fell to the floor. Light snores came out of the Pokemon’s mouth.

Adam grinned widely.

“Ok Gengar we have the upper hand how about Nightmare we can have more of a chance to win” Adam asked happily

Gengar used a spooky Nightmare the Ariados was not strong enough to survive Ariados looked as it had fainted. Ariados looked weak. The rocket recalled Ariados and ran leaving Drifloon behind. Jeff was about to chase after it but Ball told him to forget about it.

Drifloon burst out of the cage. Drifloon watched the figure until he was out of sight, then turned its attention to Gengar, unsure of whether to flee or fight.

Adam stiffened, now was her chance to capture the Drifloon. He clenched her fists. He recalled Gengar.

“Goooooooooo Horsea” Adam Yelled

Drifloon stepped forward and confronted Horsea.

But, Drifloon had already gotten too close before Horsea could move. Drifloon hit the sea horse Pokemon head on with a Shadowball. Horsea flew back and the Drifloon just drifted over top of it, and kept going. It was trying to make a get away!

"I don't think so!" Adam shouted as he threw another Pokeball, "Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip, and bring it back!"

Bulbasaur shot its beautiful, green vines out of the bulb on the top of it's head. It wrapped around Drifloon while it was still drifting, and pulled it back. Drifloon was so angry now, Drifloon was not going to run, it was going to stay and fight. Drifloon jumped up into the air and used a big Body Slam on Bulbasaur.

"Bulbasaur, return, let Horsea handle this," Adam said as the red beam came out of the Pokeball and took the angry and hurt Bulbasaur back in. "Horsea, use Hydro Pump!"

Horsea brought back it's huge tail, which started to glow, and then smacked Drifloon with two powerful blasts of water. Drifloon was pushed to a nearby tree. The branch broke and cracked while falling to the floor. The small balloon Pokemon fired a Ghostly black blob by the name of Shadowball. The black blob hit Horsea. The sea horse Pokemon curled over and skidded on the floor.

"Horsea, use your Dragon Dance!" Adam Ordered

Horsea's flippers flapped, and he opened his mouth wide as he could. The sky started to blacken. A ray of light shone from the heavens and pointed at Horsea. He felt stronger and he was. He was much stronger his Special Attack and his Speed stats were raised. Horsea danced in happiness. Suddenly his parade was ruined when Drifloon fired a Ghostly Shadowball knocking the sea horse Pokemon off his tail.

"Horseeeeeaaaaa." Replied Horse unhappily.

Drifloon got up slowly, but it got up. It used Recover again, healing itself once again.

"God! I hate that!" Adam screamed.

Adam threw out Bulbasaur again. Bulbasaur was still very angry from earlier.

"Use, Vine Whip and throw it!" Adam Yelled

Bulbasaur shot it's whips out again, wrapping around Drifloon, this time, throwing it into a tree. Drifloon stood up, but, walking a little erratically.

Bulbasaur started to wrap it's vines around Drifloon's neck, squeezing as hard as he could.

"Bulbasaur, No!" Adam shouted. "You can't kill it, pull back!"

Bulbasaur let loose with a sad look in its eyes again.

“Ok Bulbasaur try a Solar Beam” Asked Adam

Bulbasaur charged up his power and waited until it was ready. He absorbed the sunlight slowly. It was slow and Drifloon could make an attack. Drifloon concentrated and then attacked with Thunder Bolt. Adam was surprised by Drifloon. Thunder Bolt was a TM. It must have found the item lying around. Luckily Bulbasaur was tough and he was a grass type so it didn’t effect him much.

“Ok Bulbasaur now release your Solar Beam lets take him out” Asked Adam

Bulbasaur released out it’s super powerful beam of light. The power of the sun reflected off the beam and hit Drifloon hard. The balloon Pokemon fell to the floor. He looked squashed. He looked extremely weak when suddenly he used Recover. He recovered half of his HP and was ready to rumble once again.

“Ok Bulbasaur it’s up and running again try a Razor Leaf, I know we have a type disadvantage but we have to try our best, is that ok?” Asked Adam

Bulbasaur nodded in agreement. His bulb started to grow. The leafs sharpened and then flew over to Drifloon. They were sharpened and were extremely strong. The attack hit Drifloon, who fell to the huge oak tree behind him. Drifloon slowly got up, and used Ominous Wind, a mysterious wind blew from the forest. The dark wind was mysterious until it hit Bulbasaur. The grass Pokemon fell to the floor and looked as it had fainted. All of Drifloon’s stats rose. He became stronger and harder to knock out.

“Ok I am not going to take this anymore!, lets go Houndour” Yelled Adam

Adam threw the red and white Pokeball to the ground. The ball cracked open in half and released a red glow witch formed into Houndour.

“Ok Let’s do this Houndour start of with Nasty Plot” Adam Ordered.

Houndour thought of devious and sly things in his head. His Special Attack stat grew by two level’s. Adam grinned as he got the stat boost and grew stronger. Drifloon frowned as he saw Houndour grow stronger. Drifloon was angry about this stat boost so he used Disable. The attack stopped Houndour from using Nasty Plot again for quite a while.

“Ok Houndour don’t worry use Crunch” Yelled Adam.

Houndour nodded to his masters instructions and snarled at Drifloon. Houndour opened his jaws wide and then started biting Drifloon. The he started crunching the parts that were bitten. Luckily Houndour had a type advantage so the attack did double the damage than it would have done if he didn’t have a type advantage. Drifloon screeched in pain. He screamed out load as he was burning. Drifloon was in pain. Drifloon slowly had a glow around him, then small balls came from his back and he stopped screaming. Drifloon felt better and recharged. Drifloon was back up and running and he wasn’t going to be easily stopped.

“Ok this is going to be tougher than I thought and it will be unlikely that I will be able to do enough damage” Sighed Adam.

Suddenly Houndour started to glow, suddenly he turned white and started to grow, he slowly turned taller, he grew horns and a longer tail.

Adam stared in shock as Houndour evolved. It finally stopped glowing and it looked much taller and fiercer. Adam grabbed his Pokedex.

“If you are burned by the flames it shoots from its mouth, the pain will never go away.
Upon hearing its eerie howls, other Pokemon get the shivers and head straight back to their nests. The pungent-smelling flame that shoots from its mouth results from toxins burning in its body” Adams Pokedex Recited

Adam chuckled.

“Wahoo now we have a good chance of winning so lets do this thing Houndoom” Adam roared.

“Ok lets go with another Crunch” Roared Adam happily.

Houndoom howled in approval. Houndoom ran forward and bit Drifloon. Houndoom then crunched Drifloon again. Drifloon’s legs were crushed as they were crunched in Houndoom’s mouth. Drifloon fell to the floor in pain. Suddenly a mysterious wind blew from the end of the forest. Drifloon was uplifted from the ground. He was blown high. The mysterious hit Houndoom powerfully. Houndoom fell to the floor. He snarled at Drifloon. Houndoom slowly got up from the floor. He growled at Drifloon.

“Houndoom you won’t survive much longer try a Flame Thrower” Roared Adam

Houndoom roared at Drifloon. Houndoom ran up and then fired a fiery blast of fire. The line of fire flew out of Houndoom’s mouth and hit Drifloon’s body. The Pokemon was blasted to a tree trunk. Drifloon fell to the floor. His flimsy legs were bent. Drifloon looked ready to be captured.

“Yes c’mon Houndoom you did great ,now lets go Ultra Ball” Adam Roared.

A dam threw the yellow Pokeball at the fallen Drifloon. It was sucked up by a flashing light. Adam counted and waited patiently.




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