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Default Re: Wanna battle?

Two things for me:

1. Legends? Huh? I've yet to even trrain any of my legends (just BARELY trained Dialga and Palkia), so I would not even bother with them anyway.

2. I take a lot of underused Pokemon. Everyone already has a Garchomp, a Weavile, and a Lucario in competitve play. I'm already behind because I am still trying to get the rest of my original team from last month (mainly because of what happened from May 15) so I am really with a brand new team at the moment, which half of them are part of the UU and maybe an NU in there too. I know everyone wants to win, but I am winning with Pokemon that no one had expected to bring in (although I am like 4-4 right now and in a losing streak now, sigh).
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