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Default Le Statistiques de Azumao

[ U R P G - S T A T S ]

Trainer: Azumao
Messengers: cortree434 (AIM) cortree434 (YIM) (MSN)
Money: $16,000
Win/Loss/Draws: 7/5/0 (Reset: July 22nd)
Position: Trainer
Items: None
Badges: None

[ P O K E M O N ]

Whiscash [Squigg] F
Ability: Oblivious
Battles: 20
TMs: Ice Beam
Obtained: Starter

Electivire[Plug] M
Ability: Motor Drive
Battles: 15
TMs: Ice Punch
Obtained: A Scorching Finale

Infernape [Fiyah] M
Ability: Blaze
Battles: 15
TMs: N/A
Obtained: Purchased

Tyranitar [JOHN] M
Ability: Sandstream
Battles: 10
TMs: N/A
Obtained: Purchased

[ S T O R I E S ]

Scorching Finale
Status: Graded
Pokemon: Elekid
Capture: Achieved

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