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Default Re: Mo Club

It's that time of the time period again! It's time for...

Moe character of the time period! (still needs a banner edition)

Today, we visit the realms of EARTH, and visit a very prominent KING. People other than DU, can you guess who this KING is? Thought so. Uh huh. Yup. Sure. How would we represent this king in all his magnificent glory?

I know, it's so overwhelming that it's clearly shattering all of everything. I'm sorry boys, but this is the product of marketing research and stuff and they've made it clear that FATE/STAY NIGHT is the epitome of erogaming. Or something like that. I've seen a million of everything for Fate/Stay night, including an unfairly high amount (like more than Haruhi) of doujinshi for it. It's mind boggling. But what is the driving force behind all of this? MOE! Silly people, it's not the embodiment of moe (and people argue that this isn't the case, considering that caster, rider, Rin, Sakura, etc. are all popular girls...).

But no! Today we talk of Saber! She is the KING. KING ARTHUR. So she is KING. And therefore I'm beginning to sound like a broken record! And she's a servant (hint: this is not the same as...oh wait it is, nevermind) to her master Shiro, who's either equally or moreso stupid than Saber herself. I mean not stupid...uhhh...rash and irrational with moe elements. Yeah, that's it.

Her skills include kicking butt, requiring you to "refill" her mana (Shiro is too stupid for that), making swords disappear, and making random things appear out of nowhere. What? Shiro does that? Okay sure, I can't tell the two apart in terms of smartness anyway.

She stars in the anime Fate/Stay Night, with like many different games and stuff along with it. But nobody cares, because we only really talk about the anime (want the game? IMPORT! Except Fatal Fake, which I think is free for a demo.). Fate/Stay Night is 24 episodes long, and is pretty much a winner in a number of people's minds. I watched because it has Saber. Yup, that's about the only reason why I bothered watching.

I lack a counter to Saber today, so have yourself a super saiyan.

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