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Default Re: Mo Club

Originally Posted by PokemonMaster-Chris View Post
Oh yeah thats right I do!

Name: AnimeFanChris lol
Favorite moe character(s): Shana, Louise, Mikuru, Saber, Rin Tōsaka , Rukia Kuchiki, and others
Favorite anime(s) that contains a moe character: Shakugan no Shana, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fate/stay night, Bleach, Zero no Tsukiama
Why join in on our cause? Because to join in the fun of course!
Do you like loli/shota? yes I do.
Do you like tsundere? Yes its a great quality. =D

Here's a pic ^_^ Its thumb nailed to save bandwidth if thats okay^^ And if I'm supposed to post Saber pics to fit the theme were in right now sorry I didn't :P

Welcome aboard, Chris. :3

And Shana is acceptable, de'arimasu.
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