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Default ***~~NS shiny trading ~~***center plus rares and items

NOTE:I will clone my shinies before i trade them with you .

I offer

I am sure 100% legit shiny

charizard lvl 100 , Modest , hatched from egg

sneasel lvl 34 female , nature relaxed

gengar lvl 49 . nature Quirky ,caught at Old cheteau at lv.49

psydeuk lvl 29 , nautre Hardy , caught route 208 at lv.16

sharpedo lvl 40 female , Serious

lapras legit lvl 57 , naive , caught in victory raod

driftlon , mild , male , caught in valley windworks

alakazam , mild , female , caught in victory road

roselia , arrived from hoenn

kygore lvl 100 name in japanese

Milotic lvl 100 female , arrived from hoenn

skitty , arrived from hoenn

Gible male lvl 1 , nature jolly UT

slakoth female lv.10 UT

shiny Eevee , hatched from egg lv.1 with pokerks UT

Jirachi wishmkr

10ANIV shiny suicune lv.100 , EV trained .

not sure if they are 100% legit :

shiny flygon lvl 45 , arrived from hoenn at lvl 45 . Quiet

feebas lvl 35 female , Naughty

Ditto lvl 74 , Naive

zubat , Hasty

Umbeorn lvl 100, Timid

aggron lvl 44 , Serious

altaria lvl 35 , Jolly

swampert male lvl 50 , Gentle

magneton lvl 30 , MILD

weavile lvl 100 docile

groudn lvl 100 , calm

kirlia female lvl 21 ,quiet

bellusum ,serious



Lugia lvl 100 , Modest

Ambipom male lvl 34 , Hasty

butterfree male lvl 50 ,Jolly

Blastoise male lvl 36 , Quiet

Jirachi , lvl 15 name in japanese , nature adamant

Beedrill male lvl 11, Hasty

treeko female , lvl 5 natur: Impish

feraligatr male lvl 58 , Naive

Semi hacked :
arcues lvl 80 [ caught in its original place but whoever caught it must used ''the walk everywhere hack'' ]

hacked shinys;

lucaruio lvl 15 male , impish

chimchar , modest

bagon with hydro pump , mild

mew lvl 100

ho-oh , lvl 3

darkai lvl 3

palkia lvl 100

diagla lvl 100 with pkrs

registeel lvl 15


venusaur male lvl40 , nature mild

Houndoom male lvl 23 , Bold

Rares non shiny:

elekid holding electrizer
duscknoir lvl 50
magmitor lvl 30 name in japanese

items :

reaper cloth
dawn stone
dupios disc
exp share
almut coin

I want any shiny legit or hacked (while you offering plz say if ur shiny is hacked or legit)

- shiny legendery dogs like (entei & raikou )
-shiny catarpie
-shiny seviper>>>>i need it badly
-shiny mr.junior
-shiny zangose
-shiny spiritomb
-shiny cubone
-shiny bullbasour
-shiny shupphet
-shiny ekans or arbok
-shiny jigglypuff >>>>i need it badly
-shiny Clefairy
-shiny Growlithe or arcanine
- shiny vulpix or nintales >>>>needed badly
- shiny Cloyster >>>>needed badly
-shiny Drowzee or hypno
-shiny Chansey>>>>>>>>needed badly
-shiny dratini >>>>>>>>>needed badly
-shiny Sentret
-shiny porygon or any of its evolutions
-shiny cresslia
-shiny Politoed
-shiny Cradily
-shiny corosola
-shiny spheal >>>>needed badly
-shiny Cyndacuil>>>needed badly
-shiny rayquaza
-shiny Riolu
-shiny azlef or uxie
-shiny latios or latias
-shiny gastly>>>>needed badly
-shiny cyndaquil / torchic / mudkip / bulbasour / squirtle / legit chicorita / legit charmander

or any other shiny

Please post your offers or PM me =)

Update Aug 2008:

I have starter / breed / non shiny / legit pokemon .

1 torchic from emerald [touched]
1 treeko from emerald [touched]
1 mudkip from emerald [touched ]

plenty of puplip [ i've breed them and they are untouched ]
plenty of chimchar [ i've breed them and they are untouched ]
plenty of eevee [ i've breed them and they are untouched ]
couple of snorlax [i've breed them and they are untouched ]
1 cyndacuil
1 chicorita

For the non shiny / legit/ starter / breed pokemons . I WANT ONLY LEGIT POKEMONS:

etc. .

Note: I'm playing emerald right now I haven't got far with game . so if you want any catchable pokemon from emerald i can take request . cuz i can marigate 6 pokemon from emerald per 24 hours .
my pearl training card

coming soon platinum training card . .
My first VPP pokemon [ Ritchie]

Level 100:313
check out my shiny trading center :[/spoiler]

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