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Default Re: The Official AR Discussion Thread (Includes 'Is My Pokemon Hacked?')

So what you just stated is that there is speculation that if you receive a hacked pokemon via Wi-fi, that your game is marked correct? Also, if you release the pokemon, your game is still marked of course. Considering the Data is still there. Yet, if you go to participate in an official nintendo event they might possibly ban you for having received the said "Hacked" Pokemon and releasing it? Though, I would be under the assumption that Nintendo would also see that you released the "Hacked" pokemon. Making you able to still participate. I can understand keeping the pokemon and still trying to enter the event and being banned for that when they check. Due to the fact they can see it there.

Given the fact Nintendo has the technology to scan games. What I really want to know is how Nintendo will handle all this! To put an end to all speculation of course. Meaning that they say its okay if you received a hacked pokemon and deleted it. I'd understand them banning players who hacked their whole team as well as many other pokemon just to get them. Yet, banning a person just because they received a hacked poke and released it as soon as they figured out it was hacked? Seems rather odd to me. I mean it is an innocent mistake is it not!? xD!

Yeah though, I'm sure they'd be able to see that its no longer on the game itself. >_>
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