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Default Re: The Chronicles of the Shards

I'm glad you liked it. And I'm glad you're looking for the next chapter, because it's right here! It starts out a little slow, but it will get better. Hopefully.

Chapter 1

“Amethyst! No fair!” I narrowed my eyes at the younger Eevee desperately trying to climb the tree I was in. “You just don’t want to play!”

“You’re right. I don’t. You’re a hyperactive, annoying ball of fur. Please leave me alone,” I told my neighbor flatly, hiding any outward expression of irritability. The creature growled at me.

“Don’t do that, Elonur. It’s not exactly nice,” I warned her.

“But your momma told you that you need to play with me!” Elonur sniveled, sitting on the ground. Holy Ho-Oh, I thought, the girl’s going to start crying.

Sure enough, the wailing began. It was a horrible, shrieking sound accompanied by a small shower of tears that gave the dying grass around the tree something to appreciate. I flattened my ears against my head and growled, hackles raised, and my tail swished back and forth. That was about it. I sprang down from the tree next to her, surrendering any pride that I had left within me.

“Elonur, shut up and come on. There’s an open field we can play Pounce on Each Other in,” I announced with false happiness through bared teeth. Elonur let out a cheer and leaped on my back, and it was no easy task trudging my way to the field with a furry growth about half of my weight enthusiastically crawling all over me and chattering incessantly.

“…And then we can play Run Around and Around and Around and Around the Tree! Oh, oh, and then we can tease the Quagsire living in the pond over there and throw things at them, and then, and then, and then…”

“Hey, watch it, those Quagsire are my friends,” I warned her, not even bothering to look at the embodiment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

“Oh! Fruit!” Elonur piped up, leaping up at a tree branch but missing by about ten feet and falling on her face. I sighed and looked up. It was too high even for me to leap up. “Get it,” Elonur barked at me, standing and shaking her fur out, nodding at the red fruit dangling on the branches.

“No,” I told her without a second thought.

“Get it. Now,” she commanded me sternly, trying to look imposing. I raised my brow at her, eyes narrowed in a defiant expression.

“Perhaps I could be of some help.” I looked behind me, seeing a very familiar, if somewhat absent-looking face.

“Kiro!” I greeted the Quagsire happily, bounding up to him and nudging him. He wrapped a single light blue flipped around my body. I felt his moist slime run off onto me, but it never bothered me; Kiro and I were friends ever since he was a Wooper. Although half of the time I had to remind him who he was due to short-term memory loss triggered by falling or solid objects, he was still very loyal and kind.

“What do you need, Miss Amethyst?” he asked, oblivious to the lisp and effeminate voice in which he spoke. Elonur giggled, and I growled at her viciously.

“Leave him alone,” I warned her sternly.

“It’s fine, really Miss,” Kiro said. He looked up into the tree’s leafy branches, evidently spotted the red fruit, and looked back down at Elonur. “You want that, Little One?” he asked, Elonur nodding.

“Kiro, don’t, she’s a spoiled little—” I began, but his wide blue bulk had already pushed me gently out of the way. Once his dark blue-streaked back and tail were facing Elonur and I, the young Eevee stuck her tongue out at me, as though his reaction ultimately proved her right.

Kiro opened his wide mouth fully, forcing water up through his throat with his diaphragm. The small jet of liquid hit the fruit, knocked it from the tree, and hit him in the head. He let out a yelp and clutched at his head, Elonur letting out a gleeful cry and eating the fruit, completely ignorant of the plight of the Quagsire.

“Kiro!” I ran over to him, careful not to be in the way of his flippers or tail as he staggered. “Kiro, are you hurt?”

“Wha…? Who am I?” he asked, looking at me. “Look, an Eevee!” I sighed, rubbing against the Quagsire, forgiving him for his daily amnesia.

“Your name is Kiro, remember?” I reminded him. “And I’m Amethyst, your best friend?” I offered.

“Ame… Oh! Oh, yes!” He lisped slightly more than usual due to the impact of the fruit on his cranium. “Yes, Miss Amethyst, I will be fine, yes, very fine, yes, yes, ye—” he rambled, starting to walk away, eyes closed to display extreme cheekiness, but he walked into the tree and fell over again, more fruit tumbling down onto him.

“Ouch… Who am I?” I sighed and guided the amnesiac Quagsire back to the pond, into which he slipped on a wet, moss-covered rock with an enormous splash that had me soaked.

“What’s up with that thing?” Elonur asked rudely upon my return, the sweet juice from the fruit running down her chin into her fur. I could only imagine her ensuing entanglement on nearby plant life and nesting material. Mainly to spite her, I shook out my waterlogged fur, scattering droplets everywhere. “Hey!”

“Be quiet. That’s just how Kiro is,” I told her sternly, lying down on my stomach, sunning myself in the comforting rays of the sun. I was not hungry this morning; hungry for peace and quiet, rather, I wanted desperately to lose the younger member of my species. I came up with, internally, several ways in which to dispatch Elonur, but kept them to myself, only smiling widely.

I was on the verge of falling asleep, my subconscious creeping its way into my mind, when a fluttering of wings woke me up. I looked up, Elonur growling viciously and trying to tackle the target, which was dozens of feet above her. I stood up, stretched, and trotted over, looking into the tree.

The Noctowl in the tree appeared to be very old. His plumage was bright gold in his youth, but was now browner with some residual shimmer. The feathery crown on his head was white and frayed, as though he had been in many fights and struggles. His claws were gnarled and thin but still incredibly strong, able to secure the owl-like Pokémon to the thick branch on his he was perched. A few bald spots on his back proved his age, but his orange eyes were still as sharp as ever.

“Hello kind sir,” I greeted the elder Pokémon in the usual formality in which I was taught to address my elders. I already had a pressing question for the Noctowl that I never verbalized: What news brings you out in the daylight?

“Fairest ma’am, can you please inform me of the current location of the Eevee who is named Amethyst? I was told she lives in the grove not too far from these parts,” he spoke with some difficulty, being old and having flown for what appeared, based on his condition, to be several days.

“I am she. What is it you want?” I called up into the tree. He ruffled his feathers and flew down at me, inclining his head as he used his wingtip to guide my eye level up to him.

“You… You are really the one they call Amethyst?” he asked me.

“With all due respect, sir, I feel it is safe to say I know what it is others call me,” I told him coolly. He let out a chuckle that seemed to echo in his chest and rang louder than his speaking voice.

“Come, Amethyst, there is much I must explain to you,” he told me, turning away and starting to take off.

“But—What of Elonur? I have been charged with her safe return,” I explained, nodding at the Eevee chasing her own tail at such a rate I feared the sound barrier would break. She then fell over, genuinely confused as to why the earth around her was spinning.

“We will not go far. As long as she is entertaining herself she will pay no mind to the information that I am about to disclose to you and you alone,” the Noctowl told me gravely. My stomach gave a slight lurch, making me feel violently ill; his news could not be good.

“Me… alone? What is the matter? Who are you?” I tried to demand, my queries coming out more like frightened whispers.

“Amethyst! Make it stop!” Elonur cried out, tumbling down the hill and barreling over the Noctowl. I sighed, hiding my face for several moments. Whatever earth-shattering, cryptic, life-or-death message he had to deliver, it could not possibly compare with the humiliation I felt right now as I was now associated with Elonur.

But the expression that the Noctowl gave me as he struggled up by himself told me otherwise.

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