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Default Re: Mo Club

It's that time again!

Random Moe of the time period! (banner not included)

If you followed discussion, you will instantly think of this:

And therefore, logically, the random moe will also have to do with that picture. Actually, it does, considering that I'm not actually trying to trick you or anything.

Okay, I pee'd jigglypuff's pants. She is one freaky little loli. I tell you, if it wasn't for her nice prank calls, like this:

Or her tears

I would seriously be scared of that

No, the cleaver, though the guy there is creepy enough. WHY IS THERE SHOTA IN MY LOLI? Anyway, our heroine of the day is Rena from the hit smash series/biggest train wreck of 2006 (depending on the POV), Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. She wields a large cleaver, and is the third moe character (of 3!) that carry a weapon. Okay, so it's not as badass as escaliborg, but seriously, the cosplayer at Anime North was pretty cute. I mean, the cleaver is still awesome.

Anyways, Higruashi is like pwnage and everybody should watch it, especially if you're lolicon. I mean, if you are, the killer loli squad will make you happy, or fear lolis. In either case it's good for you or society (but not both at the same time). Besides that, it's a nice way to watch people die in mysterious ways. Yes, this series is classified horror/mystery. For some reason I didn't fear lolis after this traumatic experience. Must be my brain malfunctioning.

All in all, Rena gets her spotlight she deserves, for she is loli.

Join us next time while I bring you moar loli from around the globe. I can, but apparently I'd be like totally evil or something. I'll leave you with one question...

HOW IS THAT GIRL 18? o_O Says on the product box that all females portrayed in this game are 18 or older. Clearly I'm looking too much into this, and not into the text.

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