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Default Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn [PG-13]

Hey everyone, Shiny Loser at your literary entertainment service. This is my second fanfiction, Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn. It's rated PG-13 for mild swearing and mild sexual themes, though it probably won't be living up to its rate at the beginning. It's a Journey/Comedy fic, so for those serious fic readers, you might not be interested in this. But anyway. Butch and Cassidy have just been kicked out of Team Rocket. After seeing a poster for the "Double League", a Pokemon League for pairs of trainers, and the prize of 10 thousand US dollars, they begin their lives as Pokemon Trainers in Hoenn, badges, gym leaders and all. However, there's no success without an obstacle, and a shady antagonist is quietly plotting to take control of the world (including Team Rocket).

This is not a sequel to my first fanfiction, Back to the Crystal Fortress. HOWEVER, this fiction contains many references to that one. I suggest you read it (and comment!), though it is not compulsary for you to understand this story.

Chapters + one sentence summary + POV:
Chapter 1: Wallace's Gift (Butch)

Chapter 2: Giovanni's Decision (Giovanni)

Chapter 3: Shup Up! (Cassidy)

Chapter 4: What a Lovely Start (Shupster)

Chapter 5: You Just Lost a Fan (Butch)

Chapter 6: We're Rockets, We Steal (Cassidy)

Chapter 7: Rival Showdown (Shupster)

Chapter 8: A Dad Knows His Daughter's Backpack (Treecko)

Chapter 9: A Watery Encounter (Ralts)

Chapter 10: Underage Schoolteacher With Thirty Children (Butch)

Chapter 11: Stoner All Right (Roxanne)

Chapter 12: Get the Goods (Taillow)

Chapter 13: Of Battles, Pants and Void (Shupster)

Chapter 14: Message Carriers (Egbert Briney)

Chapter 15: I, Steven Stone, the Champion (Steven)

Chapter 16: Fishermen... Typical (Butch)

Chapter 17: Madness with Brawly Takashima (Brawly)

Chapter 18: Aqua Mission + Alcohol = Hilarity (Shupster)

Chapter 19: Shocked (Grovyle)

Chapter 20: An Unwanted Past (Shupster)
Okay, I'll begin :D.

Chapter 1: Butch Rydel

“We’re screwed,” I said to Cassidy flatly. “We’re totally screwed.”

“By whom or what?” joked Cassidy, though it sounded forced.

“Dammit, Cassidy, our careers are not a joke,” I said angrily to my partner. “Besides, that joke is flat off the hook. Cliché like trainer fics. Okay?”

“Okay, just trying to lighten you up,” said Cassidy, looking hurt.

“DON’T give me that innocent face,” I snapped. “Try fitting into the story.”

We were walking along the white coast of sunny Sootopolis city, which Cassidy recommended for a ‘holiday’.

“Oh, look at this,” said Cassidy. “Sootopolis city. Greek-like attraction. Plus hot gym leader. AND it looks like the people who live here are richer, and possibly have many rare pokemon. The Cave of Origin is here too – home to rare pokemon.”
“You really think this last attempt for Pokemon stealing would make a difference in our lives?”
(end of flashback)

While walking, we passed rustic Greek-like houses every now and then. Cassidy made a right choice for a holiday spot, I thought. But those trivial choices didn’t matter now that the big one was going to be made by Boss. The cool wind blowing in my face was telling me that I should feel happy of all I got in this life, but somehow I just couldn’t find a way to take its advice.

“Well, what do I expect?” I said to no one in particular. “We haven’t done ANYTHING really important since the Orange Island Drowzee stunt, and that didn’t even work.”

“And all that losing to Ash,” added Cassidy.

“Sometimes I really hate that guy,” I said.

“Sometimes!? DUDE! He’s the reason why we’re in danger.”

“Look on the bright side, okay? At least after we get fired, we get a normal life. We actually get a LIFE.”

“I don’t WANT a life!” said Cassidy miserably. “I’ve spent my whole life doing this, I don’t know what else to do!”

We walked in silence until we reached a bench, and then we sat down. It’s amazing how I’ve been doing this so much with Cassidy that sometimes we do things at the same time, like sitting down at exactly the right moment or whipping a pistol out only to see that she had done the same. Well in this case, we sat down at the same moment but I wasn’t too surprised anymore.

“You know, it’s actually not that fair that we’re going to get fired,” I said to Cassidy.

“I know, huh?” she replied. “I mean, we’ve been really good trash collectors.”

“AND toilet cleaners,” I added.

“Don’t forget dishwashing,” said Cassidy glumly. “Those things hardly even matter to Giovanni. He just wants to use us as slaves before we get fired. He doesn’t even CARE about us.”

I exclaimed, “You just said the forbidden word!”

“Butch, don’t be such a wuss,” said Cassidy in annoyance. “Just call him by his name. We’re going down anyway.”

“We’ve still got hope,” I said without hope.

“No, we don’t,” said Cassidy, who was always the more straightforward.
Once she called Boss by his name right in front of him, and lost the right to the TV lounge for a week. But she didn’t change much after that, which is probably the reason why we were going down. But then again, I shouldn’t blame matters on my partner when I wasn’t so good myself.

Suddenly a large, wide, sparkling building got my attention. At first I thought it was the Sootopolis mall, which was built about half a year ago, according to PNN. But then I noticed the three huge glass letters G-Y-M hanging in front of the door, and my mouth dropped.

“Yo Cass,” I said, nudging her with my elbow. “See that? It’s a gym.”

“I’m not a dumbnut,” said Cassidy. “I’ve been to more gyms than you.”

“Yeah, but you lost every one of them just like me,” I said. “My point is, Gym leaders have good pokemon, right? Maybe we can go try and steal them. Boss totally likes high-level pokemon.”

Cassidy was in thought. “Actually,” she said, “that’s not the worst idea
you’ve ever had.” And then we did our ‘Steal Pokes’ move – stand up, clink pokeballs (that’s not so strange considering it can be done to glasses, huh?) and shout, “Gotta steal ‘em all!”

Walking toward the gym, I suddenly found the feeling of happiness, or at least, hopefulness, which had been lost since the big news about our going down. It seemed like Cassidy was feeling the exact same thing – I could see her smile and the ‘hopeful’ look written all over her face.

When we reached the gym doors, I was going to tell Cassidy to open it slowly, but she just threw it open with a bang. Then there was another. Then another. It took a while for me to realize that it was the huge area of the gym that was echoing the bang over and over. It almost seemed unreal. The floor seemed neatly tiled – but it took a closer look to realize they were actually brittle ice that showed tiny cracks with a tap of a finger.

“Well, dumbnut, guess we can’t walk on that one,” said Cassidy.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Can’t you see? It’s a puzzle,” said Cassidy impatiently. “If we don’t walk
correctly on the ice we’ll fall through.”

“Well that’s if we’re actually going to challenge the leader,” I said, shining the little knowledge I had. Yes, I admit, I’m a bit dim-witted. But smart at times, you had to say.

But Cassidy already had stepped on the ice and started the puzzle. But after walking a few steps, the ice broke with an ominous CRICK and she fell through. Not that bright yourself, I thought.

I followed and jumped into the hole. Seeing a chance to insult my partner, I said, “Well, THAT totally wasn’t dumbnuttish.”

But Cassidy didn’t give a comeback, because she was staring at another door, virtually hidden in the glass. She’s really sensitive to those things that other people can’t see. I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to call her clever.

“Guess that look means ‘Get yo’ ass in that door,’ eh?” I said, looking at her.

“You damn right,” she grinned. Standing up, we walked to the door, and as she did in the front entrance, swung it open with a bang.

We stepped into the long, narrow hallway, me somewhat apprehensively, Cass totally prepared. I could see her fingering the trigger of the white pistol strapped on her belt. We rarely fired, but guns were really very useful if you wanted to get somebody to do what you want.

Soon, after about 2 minutes of walking along the dark hallway, we reached another door. This time, I stopped Cassidy. “Dude, let me slam the door open, kay?”

“Sure, but don’t blame me if you get in trouble.”

I gripped the knob in hope, in hope of success, in hope of staying in the Rockets. Then I swung the door open with a bang – and there sat a guy and a girl, kissing.

I instantly turned green. Green from embarrassment, not from being sick – I’m not that childish. My face turned as green as my hair. And then I heard myself speaking, or rather, stammering. “Uh...uh, aherm, uh, sorry, didn’t mean to bother you, we’re going now…”

“BUTCH!” yelled Cassidy. “You are SUCH a WUSS!” She whipped out her white pistol. “This is a holdup! Give me all your pokemon!” she shouted, pointing the pistol at the guy and girl, who were standing but not stiff, staring mildly.

“This is a holdup” is basically our catchphrase of robbery. Not very original, I suppose, but JJ uses it, why shouldn’t we?

The guy, who had blue hair and was wearing a white cap, suddenly grinned. “Pretty accurate, huh, Yvonne?” he said to the strawberry-blonde girl.

“Yeah,” said Yvonne. The two seemed almost amused, and Cassidy obviously looked pissed.

“Come inside,” said the blue-haired guy. He stood up and shut the door, then sat down again.

Cass and I walked in and sat down, bewildered. Usually we had people backing up against the wall. What’s with them?

“So,” said the blue-haired guy. “Guess I should introduce myself. I’m Wallace, gym leader of this place.”

“Ohhhhh,” said Cassidy in understanding. “Well, THAT explains why you’re being all polite and nicey-nicey.”

“Cass,” I whispered. “Don’t push it.”

“Dude, I can stop being nice if you want,” said Wallace. “Anyway, I guess I’d better explain. I knew already that you wanted my pokemon the second you came bursting in.”

“And that is possible because? Cuz you a friggin gym leader?” asked Cassidy mockingly.

“Listen, girl,” said Yvonne. “You might hear something you like.”

Wallace continued. “Okay, so my point is, you’re TRs and you do this for a living.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“And so,” said Yvonne, “here’s a spare Manaphy from our collection.”

A long pause took place as Cassidy and I gawped at each other. Finally, I spoke. Whispered, I mean.

“Dude, isn’t Manaphy that new pokemon that Boss was after for the last 3 weeks?”

“Yeah, it is! But still, be careful. It’s not possible that they’re giving away such a rare pokemon.”

“We can’t open it, because Boss likes unopened pokemon to prove that he opened it first. I don’t think they’re tricking us, look at their sincerity,” I said.

And they indeed looked sincere. Nothing at all that was suspicious.

“Well,” said Cassidy, “Thank you for your generosity. We’ll take it.”

A faint trace of a smile flickered through Wallace’s face. “Well,” he said, “I expect the magic word.”

“THANKS!” yelled Cassidy, and ran for the door. I followed her, not without a final thumbs-up to Wallace, of course. As soon as we got outside, the Rocket Duo who wasn’t about to get fired anytime soon jumped up, and yelled, “YES!!”
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